#BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge

Welcome to the #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge, this challenge is very similar to a traditional legacy but it has some very fun twists!

This challenge is so popular that it deserves it’s own blog! You can visit it HERE!

103 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge

  1. Meggs says:

    I FINALLY finished my first generation! (I’ve been preoccupied/busy or I’d have finished much sooner.) I came here with questions but I think I found my answers. It was where to send your first gen spares but I’m gonna send them to Windenburg! I started the first gen family in what will be the heir’s home and I’ll have them marry out (and die) since the hen 2 heir is still a teenager.
    Here’s a link if you’re interested. No pressure since I hardly have time to read myself. 🙂


  2. theMaggy says:

    This challenge is really well-done! I’m still on my first generation but it is super interesting, looking forward to continuing to the next generation as well. Great job involving a lot of different life-styles and a new way to discover the game! 10/10 🙂


  3. theMaggy says:

    I suppose you may not travel outside of Newcrest in order to get that sweet, sweet growfruit (from the latest patch) either? Just thought it would be awesome to have that in the park…


    • simplyvanillasimsblog says:

      Technically no, but I think if you want to make an exception for a limited time challenge that is fine, its just a game after all. Maybe try to come up with a concept of why you need to leave Newcrest and some time limit to how long your are allowed to be away. Of course this is all for the benefit of building the perfect city!


      • Jafajac1 says:

        I have played in all 3 Newcrest neighborhoods in the last few days, and so far have found 2 of the 3 neighborhoods grew at least one of the new growfruit trees. So hopefully no one actually have to go to one of the banded neighborhoods only to get the growfruit. However so far, I have not found the sim who gives the fruit,challenge, or special fertilizer. This also means we can not use the gifted planters for the 20 returned growfruit to the new sim.


  4. Kelly Kinsella says:

    I love this challenge, it has everything to keep you motivated and try new things! Was wondering if adding the Masterchef Aspiration with reward of a restaurant? I know it would make it an 11 generation challenge, but would be cool to have it as an option? Either way.. this is great fun!

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  5. RainyDayParade says:

    I just found your blog and love it so far! I am a Vanilla Sim player as well and have been looking for someone to follow that doesn’t use cc or mods either. The Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge sounds fun.. I will be following along and starting my own legacy too.


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