UPDATE on my YouTube and Blog

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post an update on what is going on in my simming life right now! I have been focusing more on my YouTube channel at the moment because I got some awesome new Christmas presents for recording, including my amazing Turtle Beach Stealth 400 headset, which my boyfriend got for me!

Another reason I have been focusing more on recording is that this Blog is running out of space since it is a free blog and at this point I have no intention of upgrading to a paid subscription.

You may be asking where is this going? Well I am considering moving the Prospero Family Story to a Let’s Play series on YouTube because there is now so much going on in the game it is difficult to share it all with you here on the blog, especially since I have so many more screenshots than I ever can include in the posts.

So I would love everyone’s opinions about how you feel about the Prospero Family becoming a Let’s Play series instead of the blog reports. I have created a poll below to vote for either Reports or Videos! Please let me know what you think!


~ Happy Simming ~

Week 9 – New Love and New Age

Week 9 in the Prospero Household is mostly focused on trying to earning those last few simoleons and will culminate with their move to Windenburg!

Starting Funds: §319,438

This week starts with the Prospero Family working non-stop to earn some extra simoleons so they can build a new amazing house in Windenburg!

Monday through Wednesday was a whirlwind of working, harvesting, collecting, writing and painting. During that time Pawel was promoted to Creator of Worlds which is the top of the writer career. Now both he and Rosabelle are at the tops of their writing careers. Fortuna continued to increase her skill in painting. One day she decided to go to the museum for some inspiration and was able to paint a masterpiece worth §3,034 simoleons! With all the extra work everyone has been putting in the family was able to  earn a lot of extra simoleons.

On Thursday the Prospero Family moved to Windenburg. Since their are always trying to save money, they tore down their house and saved all their furniture and sold the rest of the scrap building material. With these additional funds they now have a total of §539,987 simoleons! Which is half way to their goal of 1 million simoleons! Because they have worked so hard they were able to build a really beautiful new house in Windenburg!

Welcome to Prospero Manor!

When the family was designing their new home, they decided to create a home that would not have to be expanded for future generations. They were able to take full advantage of all the square footage in their new home. They even have an Attic Master Retreat, which will hopefully be for Fortuna when she finds her significant other and will need a larger space. There is also unfinished basement space as well.

The house cost them §316,521 simoleons to build and is worth §334,81 simoleons!

Let the Tour Begin!

12-14-15_9-23-12 PM

Front Side

12-14-15_9-26-21 PM

Back Side

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Winterberry Lodge under §200,000

Speed build video of this house coming soon! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to check it out!

Enjoy this lovely holiday home complete with all of the holiday decorations from both 2014 and this year. The home features a large kitchen and living room area complete with a fireplace, of course, a formal dining room, and game room. There are four bedrooms, including a private 1st floor master suite, and 3 other bathrooms to accommodate your sims living needs. The backyard features a firepit and horseshoe pit as well as a bbq and picnic area. Of course every room is decorated for the season and the house even comes complete with cookies for Santa!

This lot can be used as either a residential lot or it makes a beautiful vacation rental in Granite Falls!

You can download this house from the Gallery HERE

or search my Origin ID: Love_Wasaabi for more builds!

Winterberry Lodge – 4br/3ba – §152,048

12-07-15_2-19-33 PM

Back of the House

12-07-15_2-14-45 PM

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Week 8 – Breadwinners and Breakage

Author’s Note: This is the first of the new weekly report format for the Prospero Legacy. I am still playing around with how to format these new reports so bare with me for the first couple ones.

One thing that is very different is that I am no longer recording every single simoleon spent, this drastically speeds up my gameplay time and reduces the length of the posts.

– Enjoy and Happy Simming –

Week Eight in the Prospero Household is week full of accomplishments, breakage and lots of simoleons!

Starting Funds: §150,780

The Prospero Family needs to make at least §300,000 simoleons in order to move to Windenburg since it is an affluent city. They are all very excited about the opportunity of moving to Windenburg and experiencing a larger and more vibrant city.

Right after his birthday, the parents allow Forbes to remove all of Fortuna’s childhood drawings and splurge on a desk with a comfy chair and a nice computer for Forbes to practice his programming and video gaming in his room.

12-06-15_4-49-29 PM

Forbes really enjoys his new computer and loves playing video games in his room.

Early in the week, Fortuna came down with an illness and decided since the next day was her birthday, she would take the day off from school and try to recover before her celebration.

12-02-15_5-01-54 PM

Fortuna was seeing stars while trying to complete her homework. Forbes looks quite proud of himself here for some reason.

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Week 8, Day 50 – It’s a Party, Y’all

Author’s Note: Today will be the last Daily Report for the Prospero Family. I am running out of room on the blog and due to this I will be posting weekly reports instead. Each report will cover one week’s activities.

This has been a big week for the Prospero Family, they have accomplished aspirations, written bestsellers and completed skills. There have also been several birthdays and today is another party for the Family!

Starting Funds: §150,780

11-26-15_12-12-36 AM

The kids are up first this Sunday morning. Forbes continues to practice chess, he is now learning the logic skill and Fortuna is heading downstairs to paint.

11-26-15_12-14-13 AM

Fortuna starts a large classic painting (§100), funds are now §150,680 simoleons.

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Week 7, Day 49 – The Announcement!

Today is another special day for the Prospero Family. Pawel has a big announcement planned for tonight’s dinner that will chance the future of this family forever!

Starting Funds: §136,218

The kids are up early this morning, even though it’s Saturday but they both need to use the bathroom.

11-25-15_7-58-24 PM

Forbes has to pee so bad that he is cross-eyed!

11-25-15_8-02-56 PM

Fortuna eats breakfast after getting ready in the bathroom.

After eating Fortuna recycles her dish for §40, their funds are now §136,258 simoleons.

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