Update on Sims, Life and News

Hello All,

Almost exactly a month ago I posted the update below.

I have almost an entire sims month of Rosebud Challenge game play done for my challenge because I have been enjoying playing with this character and challenge so much. Because of my focus on this challenge, the Slainte Alphabet Achievement story will be on a break for a while. But I will be trying to update the Prospero Legacy daily and some days there will be 2 posts even to catch everyone up to date on what has been happening. Please come read Rosabelle’s struggle to make a million!

I have tried to catch everyone up to date to where I was in the game when I wrote this. I have not played the Prospero Family since this update and I can say that everyone is almost caught up with my gameplay! I will always have to be slightly ahead but it feels very daunting when I have so much game play to document on here. Plus I have my own life and job which has been very demanding recently and of course the new world has come out and I have spent the last few days building the entire town of Newcrest so I can upload it to the Gallery for everyone to enjoy! Don’t worry those new builds will come very soon.

Also Simone wrote me a comment on my Newcrest Industrial District post regarding The Lofts lot.

Fantastic houses!
One thing I don’t understand – why do you have a lake in the background? I don’t in my game.. I’ve looked in every NC lot and I can’t find that view.. I’m sure I’ve found the right place for the lots now, but ‘the lofts’ look weird.. which way should it be?
And how did you make the paths between the lots?

I replied.

The lots were actually created before Newcrest was released in the Commercial District in Willow Creek which is why you see a lake. Unfortunately the 40×30 lot in Newcrest is facing the wrong way for The Lofts. I will be re-releasing a updated version soon, plus more builds as well!

I just want to let you know that the updated Industrial District will be available when I release the entire Newcrest world builds.

Thank you everyone who has read and supported this blog and I am very excited to share new updates from the Prospero Legacy and new builds soon. Plus a big surprise is coming in the future too!

~Happy Simming~


Slainte Legacy Chapter 6 – Deaglan’s Surprise Weekend

The Slainte Family has spent their first week in their new mansion, Barondale, there have been ups and downs for the Family during the week and Deaglan decides to give the Family a big surprise on the weekend to celebrate their first week as well as Mother’s Day.

Deaglan is doing very successfully at work and the children have all made it up to B students in their new school. Arwen has been working very hard on her garden to gather the best and freshest ingredients for cooking and making her Natural Herbicide Oil. Deaglan has heard from some of his coworkers that there is a lovely National Forest a few hours north of where they live in Willow Creek, in a town called Granite Falls. His coworker told him how breathtaking the scenery is there and are both cabins and campgrounds to rent there as well as beautiful hiking and fishing areas. He also mentioned to Deaglan that he’s heard that some people have met a hermit there that grows the most amazing organic plants and knows a secret organic fertilizer recipe for growing the best plants. Deaglan thinks that this might be the perfect opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day together, their first week’s achievements, give the family a well needed break, explore new areas of their new country and maybe Siobhan can convince the hermit to share her secret fertilizer with her!

05-09-15_1-02 PM

Over a grilled steak dinner that night Deaglan makes an announcement.

Deaglan announces, “I have a surprise planned for us this weekend!”

Aiden exclaims, “I hope it is something active where I can play!”

Siobhan says, “Calm yourselves children, we still don’t know what Daddy has in store for us, although I am excited myself!”

“Don’t you worry!” Deaglan says “I believe there will be something to entertain everyone! We are going to Granite Falls National Forest to camp for the weekend!”

Arwen shrieks with joy over this news.

Alroy comments “I bet this will be a fun family adventure.”

“I sure hope we enjoy ourselves there, I know there are many new activities for us to try and Siobhan, I think you will find the hermit’s gardening knowledge very interesting.”

“Oh my yes, I am looking for a better way to fertilize my garden and perfect the quality of the plants!” Siobhan replies.

“Than it’s settled, every one get a good night’s sleep and be ready to leave first thing tomorrow morning, you kids better have an early night.” Deaglan commands “I also bought everyone new camping gear for the trip you will find them in your rooms!”

Arwen trills “Oh, Daddy I love new clothes!”

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