Slainte Legacy Chapter 1 – Big News

Deaglan and Siobhan have moved from their home country of Ireland to the town of Willow Creek in the USA! They have been directed by the Family to establish their name here in this new country, this can only be achieved by having 26 successful generations of children.

For more background on the Slainte Family check out the introduction

 Deaglan has now almost reached the top of his chosen career in the Business Investor branch and he knows that his job as founder is not only to produce an heir but also to increase the family wealth. He is now able to invest the Family’s money and hopefully get a positive return on his investments to add to the family fortune!

 Doesn’t Deaglan look smashing in his work suit?

Siobhan has been working on both her cooking skills and her garden so she can have the freshest ingredients to cook with. She knows that her job as the founder is to care for the Family and what better way than to feed them lots of delicious meals!

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Siobhan working in the kitchen, she has gotten really good at cooking! Continue reading

Introduction to My Alphabet Legacy Achievement Family

Hello and Welcome to my New Legacy Family!

I will be introducing the family members here and providing a bit of back story for the Family. If anyone is not aware there is an achievement in S4 called Alphabet Legacy, the goal is to complete 26 generations in one household. Just so everyone knows I will NOT be following any formal legacy rules like Pinstar, I will be following my own set of rules, which maybe modified or changed for story purposes. So far there are no rules to pick the new legacy heir for each generation, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome in the comments. Now on to the introductions!


The Slainte Family

The Slainte Family comes from a wealthy family line of sims from Ireland. Their last name means “good health” in Gaelic and is phonetically pronounced “Slancheh”. The Family in Ireland is very successful in business, medicine and real estate. Many Family members are prominent business men or doctors and many own large plots of land that have been handed down over the generations. Since the Slainte’s have had such great success in their home country of Ireland, the family has decided to send their most successful young adult male to Willow Creek in the USA to make a new fortune and establish the family name in a new country. As per tradition in the old country, the Slainte Family would not be considered fully established in their new country until they have reached 26 generations! In order to make it a little easier for this YA male founder, the Family allowed him to marry his childhood sweetheart back in Ireland before moving into his new home in Willow Creek! The Family also generously provided a lavish residence for their new legacy so they could continue to live in the luxury and comfort that they are accustomed to in Ireland. They have also been given §150,000 simoleons to fund their legacy and insure that future generations are not broke! However the Family still expects the male founder to continue in his career and contribute to the new family fortune they are establishing in Willow Creek. The female founder’s duty is more simple, she must have children and care for their growing family.

Founding Father – Deaglan Stainte

(phonetically pronounced Decklan Slanchah)

His aspiration is Successful Lineage which gives him the Domestic trait. His 3 other traits are Genius, Ambitious and Confident.

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05-06-15_10-08 AM

Founding Mother – Siobhan

(phonetically pronounced Shivawn Slanchah)

Her aspiration is Big Happy Family which also give her the Domestic trait. Her other 3 traits are Family Oriented, Neat and Perfectionist.

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05-06-15_10-06 AM-2

Check out Chapter 1 – Big News!

Hello and Welcome to My Sims 4 Blog

I have been simming since the Sims 1 and have always loved the Sims franchise, Sims 1 was really the start of a whole new type of reality gaming, Sims 2 pushed the envelope of their time with the sandbox style play that was allowed, and Sims 3 was again a big first with the open world. I have for the most part always played WITHOUT mods or CC, except for a brief period during Sims 2 when I tried out mods and CC and it ruined my computer I had at the time. This is a big reason why I have resisted mods and CC in the later games, I know that some of it may have been caused by me not knowing what was a safe download or something but I decided after that I would use them again. In Sims 3 I really struggled with game crashes and bugs with Supernaturals, Seasons, Late Night and Island Paradise all the time. This made the game almost impossible to play, as much as I loved the open world I could not have a successful gaming session due to crashing all the time. This made Sims 3 not very fun for me, I did play all the expansions and really tried to make it work for me, but in the long run I was frustrated all the time. Due to these crashes and bugs I believe that S3 is not playable (for most people) without NRaas mods which I wont use.

Sims 4 came out and since I have always played the Sims it seamed natural for me to continue onto the Sims 4 game. Of course I chose to continue to not use any mods or CC with my Sims 4 game either. I have a high end PC, which my boyfriend build for me with a great graphics card and a ton of Ram, and I don’t want to run the risk of screwing up this computer from mods or CC. It runs so much better than S3 on my current PC, no more crashing or graphic card flashing during the game and the emotions are kinda fun once you get used to them. I will admit that I was disappointed at  first but it is hard to compare to the fully fleshed out Sims 3 with all the expansion since Sims 4 is in the early stages of the game.

I want invite anyone and everyone who is interested in “vanilla” style gaming with the Sims 4 to check out the blog, I will be doing reviews, builds, tutorials and whatever else is Sims 4 related. I know there is a large community of modders but I really hope that I am not alone in my “vanilla” gaming style and that I can bring some non-modded and non-CC material to the game.

Happy Simming,