Week 9 – New Love and New Age

Week 9 in the Prospero Household is mostly focused on trying to earning those last few simoleons and will culminate with their move to Windenburg!

Starting Funds: §319,438

This week starts with the Prospero Family working non-stop to earn some extra simoleons so they can build a new amazing house in Windenburg!

Monday through Wednesday was a whirlwind of working, harvesting, collecting, writing and painting. During that time Pawel was promoted to Creator of Worlds which is the top of the writer career. Now both he and Rosabelle are at the tops of their writing careers. Fortuna continued to increase her skill in painting. One day she decided to go to the museum for some inspiration and was able to paint a masterpiece worth §3,034 simoleons! With all the extra work everyone has been putting in the family was able to  earn a lot of extra simoleons.

On Thursday the Prospero Family moved to Windenburg. Since their are always trying to save money, they tore down their house and saved all their furniture and sold the rest of the scrap building material. With these additional funds they now have a total of §539,987 simoleons! Which is half way to their goal of 1 million simoleons! Because they have worked so hard they were able to build a really beautiful new house in Windenburg!

Welcome to Prospero Manor!

When the family was designing their new home, they decided to create a home that would not have to be expanded for future generations. They were able to take full advantage of all the square footage in their new home. They even have an Attic Master Retreat, which will hopefully be for Fortuna when she finds her significant other and will need a larger space. There is also unfinished basement space as well.

The house cost them §316,521 simoleons to build and is worth §334,81 simoleons!

Let the Tour Begin!

12-14-15_9-23-12 PM

Front Side

12-14-15_9-26-21 PM

Back Side

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Rosebud Challenge Week 2, Day 11 – The Big Day

Now that Rosabelle has a wonderful new house, she can start really working on finding a spouse to spend her life with. She needs to start a family in order to complete her goal of §1,000,000 simoleons because she will no be able to complete that in her lifetime.

Starting Funds: §2452

The second day in Rosabelle’s new house starts off much better than yesterday, today is also her official day off even though she took a paid vacation day yesterday.

She wakes up inspired this morning and feeling very good.

She wakes up inspired this morning and feeling very well.

After Rosabelle’s usual breakfast of yogurt, she plays a bit of Sims Forever and then begins writing a new book.

This one is a short stories book called

This one is a short stories book called “Five Metaphysical Overtures and One”

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