Week 7, Day 49 – The Announcement!

Today is another special day for the Prospero Family. Pawel has a big announcement planned for tonight’s dinner that will chance the future of this family forever!

Starting Funds: §136,218

The kids are up early this morning, even though it’s Saturday but they both need to use the bathroom.

11-25-15_7-58-24 PM

Forbes has to pee so bad that he is cross-eyed!

11-25-15_8-02-56 PM

Fortuna eats breakfast after getting ready in the bathroom.

After eating Fortuna recycles her dish for §40, their funds are now §136,258 simoleons.

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Week 7, Day 48 – Rosabelle’s Birthday

Today is Rosabelle’s Adult birthday! Now that both Rosabelle and Pawel are adults with only a little more time for work, promotions and money making, they are looking toward their future and goal of 1 million simoleons!

Starting Funds: §110,814

11-19-15_3-26-48 PM

Rosabelle wakes up first, she is excited that it’s her birthday! Pawel is awake soon after.

11-19-15_3-38-01 PM

The parents tend the garden together. Belle is fertilizing and Pawel is spraying for bugs.

11-19-15_3-47-08 PM

The kids are up now and Forbes is creating an emotional potion for his aspiration, he needs to make three of them.

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Week 7, Day 47 – Passion and Promotion

The Prospero’s life is coming along nicely, Pawel is now an adult and Rosabelle will join him soon. The kids are progressing well in school, now it is time for some work promotions. Fortuna is also trying to find a boyfriend!

Starting Funds: §95,996

Today Rosabelle, Pawel and Fortuna all receive the Marketable reward trait. This trait raises the value of all crafted items they sell in the future. This means that Rosabelle and Pawel’s books and Fortuna’s paintings will sell for more simoleons.

10-12-15_1-42-05 PM

Forbes is the first up today. “Look Ma, no hands!”

10-12-15_1-46-14 PM

Forbes grabs a yogurt because he is so hungry he can’t wait for Pawel to make scrambled eggs (§10) for breakfast. Their funds are now §95,986 simoleons.

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Week 7, Day 46 – Pawel’s Birthday

Welcome Back to the Prospero Rosebud Legacy 

 Today is a very important day, it is Pawel’s Adult birthday! The family is planing a quiet at home celebration and are excited for the big day!

Starting Funds: §84,215

07-05-15_10-47 AM

Rosabelle and Pawel wake up together this morning and tend to the garden together.

07-05-15_10-57 AM

After the parents finish gardening, Rosabelle joins the kids in the kitchen to make a birthday cake (§15) for Pawel. Fortuna and Forbes are finishing up breakfast before school. Funds are now §84,200 simoleons.

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Week 7 – Day 45

Fortuna is settling into the routine of High School, Forbes is almost an A student and today is the Parents day off again, so they are churning out books for simoleons to reach their goal of §1,000,000 simoleons!

Starting Funds: §74,791

Fortuna is the first to wake up, she grabs some fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast.

Fortuna is the first to wake up, she grabs some fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast.

Rosabelle is up next, She really has to use the bathroom!

Rosabelle is up next, she really has to use the bathroom!

She is also quite stinky and needs a shower too.

She is also quite stinky and needs a shower too.

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Week 7, Day 44 – First Day of High School


Today is the first day of High School for Fortuna and she is hoping to meet some new friends since she really hasn’t met anyone who she really likes. Forbes is working on being an A student and the Parents are working hard at their careers and writing.

Starting Funds: §68,700

Pawel is the first person in the family to wake up,  he really needs to pee! After using the bathroom, he goes to tend the garden.

After while the kids wake up, Forbes grabs some breakfast and Fortuna, who isn’t hungry, tries to finish her extra credit work. Recycling §40, funds §68,740 simoleons.

Rosabelle is the last one of the family to rise and she joins Pawel in tending their large garden.

It is now time for the kids to go to school, they will both be trying to make new friends at school. Today is the Parent’s day off from work which is nice for them.

The parents continue to tend the garden, some of the dragon fruits are ready to be evolved. Rosabelle evolves them to superb quality.

Pawel takes a break from gardening to eat breakfast, afterwards he goes collecting around Skyward Palms. Rosabelle also eats after she finishes gardening.

Today’s Royalty Report arrives, they earned §8301, their funds are now §77,041 simoleons.

While Fortuna is at school she receives this opportunity and because she is such a nice person she tries to help out her friend.


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Week 7 – Day 43

Today is the start of Week 7 of the Challenge and the Prospero’s have settled into their lives. Both Rosabelle and Pawel have almost reached the top of the writing career and Fortuna will have to decide if she will take a part time job or just try to sell her paintings instead to start contributing to the household funds.

Starting Funds: §58,222

Fortuna wakes up first again this morning. She really has to pee!

Fortuna wakes up first again this morning. She really has to pee!

And apparently share this moment with Simbook too!

And apparently she has to share this moment with Simbook too!

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