Let’s Play: Build Newcrest Challenge Part 4



Updates and News

As you can see the blog has gotten a makeover! Explore and Enjoy!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer or should I say #Simsummer because this is a Sims blog after all. 🙂 I have some updates and news, first The Prospero Family game play is completely caught up with the blog! There have been some big changes to their life with the complete tear down and rebuild of their house and I am sure that there are many more surprises in their future.

Recently I have created the #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge, and it has received good feedback on The Sims Forum. I am recording a Let’s Play series about this Legacy Challenge on Youtube and I encourage everyone to subscribe to my channel and watch them. I also encourage anyone who wants to try to play along with me while I play to check out the challenge page and the videos as well.

I also won a house building contest at The Sims Forum, building a house for Mommatauras2’s family, the Wilder’s, follow her for updates on their new house. You can also live at The Wilder’s Retreat by downloading the house from the Gallery.

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Watch My Let’s Play: Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge on Youtube!

Hello All,

I finally have the Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge Let’t Play Videos uploaded to Youtube! I hope that you all enjoy them and subscribe to my channel. If this is successful I will be recording other Let’s Play Series. Thanks so much for everyone’s continued and future support of me and my blog! You can watch the video below, please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed the video!

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#BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge

Here is the big surprise I hinted at in my update! I have created a legacy challenge that is predominately designed for builders but I think that anyone will have fun playing it. It also not as restrictive as traditional legacies and allows for many types of game play styles.

I will also be doing a Let’s Play video series for this challenge, I will be posting the link soon when the video is finished.

Both the cities of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have suffered from a severe economic downfall and a major increase in violence, pretty much think Gotham City before Batman cleaned it up. Your sim wants to start a legacy but they think that both towns are too dangerous to start and raise 10 generations of a family in. They have heard that Simsvillle is expanding the suburbs around the Willow Creek area into a new city called Newcrest and they are looking for sims to settle this new town!
Your sim immediately signs up and since they are actually the first to sign up they are declared the unofficial mayor of Newcrest and it is going to be their responsibility to build the city of Newcrest from the ground up!
Since Newcrest is a new world with no development there are no houses or community lots for your sims to enjoy yet, this is going to be one of your founders responsibilities. Also your founder my never return to either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs until their legacy has been completed. However, they may travel to Granite Falls and Magnolia Promenade, but may not live in those areas. It will be your Legacy’s responsibility and gift to the community to build all the neighborhoods and community lots for the future of Newcrest. Each generation will have a specific building goal and cannot build until they have completed their job and aspiration that lays the foundation for their building goals.

This challenge follows some of the original Legacy Rules but I have changed and added new ones, so please visit the Challenge Page to read the rules and full descriptions of each generations goals and tasks. Thank you!

Welcome to My Newcrest!

As I promised a few days ago, I have a complete world of Newcrest for you to download for your sims, of course none of my lots contain any mods or custom content! Please read the FAQ before downloading, click on the lot name to download. Happy Simming!

There are three very different neighborhoods in world of Newcrest if have created, Aqueduct Place, The Industrial District and Creekside Estates. Aqueduct Place is the affordable neighborhood in Newcrest, with the most expensive house costing less than §55,000 simoleons. The Industrial District is the middle class neighborhood in Newcrest, the homes range from under §100,000 – §130,000. Creekside Estates is the most exclusive and expensive neighborhood in Newcrest and the mansions here can cost half a million simoleons!

Aqueduct Place Neighborhood

The affordable neighborhood in Newcrest named after the canal that runs around the area, this neighborhood features Craftsman styling and a family environment. There is also a local park here with a playground and many other amenities for your sims to enjoy.

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Update on Sims, Life and News

Hello All,

Almost exactly a month ago I posted the update below.

I have almost an entire sims month of Rosebud Challenge game play done for my challenge because I have been enjoying playing with this character and challenge so much. Because of my focus on this challenge, the Slainte Alphabet Achievement story will be on a break for a while. But I will be trying to update the Prospero Legacy daily and some days there will be 2 posts even to catch everyone up to date on what has been happening. Please come read Rosabelle’s struggle to make a million!

I have tried to catch everyone up to date to where I was in the game when I wrote this. I have not played the Prospero Family since this update and I can say that everyone is almost caught up with my gameplay! I will always have to be slightly ahead but it feels very daunting when I have so much game play to document on here. Plus I have my own life and job which has been very demanding recently and of course the new world has come out and I have spent the last few days building the entire town of Newcrest so I can upload it to the Gallery for everyone to enjoy! Don’t worry those new builds will come very soon.

Also Simone wrote me a comment on my Newcrest Industrial District post regarding The Lofts lot.

Fantastic houses!
One thing I don’t understand – why do you have a lake in the background? I don’t in my game.. I’ve looked in every NC lot and I can’t find that view.. I’m sure I’ve found the right place for the lots now, but ‘the lofts’ look weird.. which way should it be?
And how did you make the paths between the lots?

I replied.

The lots were actually created before Newcrest was released in the Commercial District in Willow Creek which is why you see a lake. Unfortunately the 40×30 lot in Newcrest is facing the wrong way for The Lofts. I will be re-releasing a updated version soon, plus more builds as well!

I just want to let you know that the updated Industrial District will be available when I release the entire Newcrest world builds.

Thank you everyone who has read and supported this blog and I am very excited to share new updates from the Prospero Legacy and new builds soon. Plus a big surprise is coming in the future too!

~Happy Simming~

Newcrest Industrial District #BuildNewcrest

As I promised I have new lots built in advance of the release of Newcrest. Also Sims VIP started a hash tag, #BuildNewcrest, for the gallery to search for Newcrest lots and I will be using it for all my Newcrest builds as well.

Real Life Inspiration

These lots are inspired by some abandoned warehouses in Petaluma, a town near me, that were converted into apartments.

Newcrest Industrial District

Welcome to the Industrial District, once abandoned warehouses are now converted into housing suitable for populated sim living. This district was created for Neighborhood #3 in Newcrest, see picture below for lot locations.

Chick the Lot Names to download them from the Gallery or search Origin ID Love_Wasaabi.

06-06-15_2-43 PM

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