About Me & My Play Style

Hello and Welcome to My Sims 4 Blog!

I have been simming since the Sims 1 and have always loved the Sims franchise, Sims 1 was really the start of a whole new type of reality gaming, Sims 2 pushed the envelope of their time with the sandbox style play that was allowed, and Sims 3 was again a big first with the open world. I have for the most part always played WITHOUT mods or CC, except for a brief period during Sims 2 when I tried out mods and CC and it ruined my computer I had at the time. This is a big reason why I have resisted mods and CC in the later games, I know that some of it may have been caused by me not knowing what was a safe download or something but I decided after that I would use them again. In Sims 3 I really struggled with game crashes and bugs with Supernaturals, Seasons, Late Night and Island Paradise all the time. This made the game almost impossible to play, as much as I loved the open world I could not have a successful gaming session due to crashing all the time. This made Sims 3 not very fun for me, I did play all the expansions and really tried to make it work for me, but in the long run I was frustrated all the time. Due to these crashes and bugs I believe that S3 is not playable (for most people) without NRaas mods which I wont use.

Sims 4 came out and since I have always played the Sims it seamed natural for me to continue onto the Sims 4 game. Of course I chose to continue to not use any mods or CC with my Sims 4 game either. I have a high end PC, which my boyfriend build for me with a great graphics card and a ton of Ram, and I don’t want to run the risk of screwing up this computer from mods or CC. It runs so much better than S3 on my current PC, no more crashing or graphic card flashing during the game and the emotions are kinda fun once you get used to them. I will admit that I was disappointed at  first but it is hard to compare to the fully fleshed out Sims 3 with all the expansion since Sims 4 is in the early stages of the game.

I want invite anyone and everyone who is interested in “vanilla” style gaming with the Sims 4 to check out the blog, I will be doing stories, builds, tutorials and whatever else I feel is Sims 4 related. I know there is a large community of modders but I really hope that I am not alone in my “vanilla” gaming style and that I can bring some non-modded and non-CC material to the game.

About My Play Style

I wanted to talk about how I choose to play The Sims 4. I believe that every person who plays The Sims plays in a way that is unique only to themselves and no one else. That being said, many simmers choose to follow specific legacy rules and challenges during their gameplay, the Pinstar legacies are legendary in the history of The Sims series. I am NOT one of those people, I have and probably always will be a builder primarily in the Sims series.

This means I cheat all the time, to give my family money or objects in order to build their dream house. I have always played like this in The Sims series and this is part of my reason and desire to play the game since I am a young adult living in a high rent/property value area and not in a position own a mansion and I love beautiful houses! I also usually don’t play with aging on for any of my families as I want to complete as many careers and aspirations as I can with my sims. Sometimes, I will cheat to disable needs or to give them the steel bladder need early because I don’t like spending my time in game making my sims go to the bathroom when I could be doing something more interesting. I usually play a couple who may or may not get married, I usually don’t have kids because I don’t like kids in real life (just being honest here). They with top several careers and aspirations and usually I only have to motherlode the first house I build for them, then I can just keep building them new houses until I get bored and want to start another type of sim who has drastically different traits and careers and aspirations. I find I usually just go back to my oldest save (my simself and my bf irl) after a while of playing other sims because our sims are so like us it cracks me up.

However I have found that I have become bored very quickly with the limited amount of game play in The Sims 4, I did not buy it until after pools were released but it was and still is lacking in many game play aspects and because of this I have looked into playing with different play styles than I usually do. I have been playing with needs on more and I really enjoy cooking and gardening for fresh ingredients. I thought that maybe doing more family style play would be a different approach to the game, so I looked at rule-based legacy challenges and found them a little to daunting to my need for building mansions for my sims to live in at this point. Instead I decided to start a Rosebud Challenge which is a legacy challenge to go from §0 simoleons to §1,000,000 simoleons in a single household. This has been a totally new experience for me since as you know from reading above that I am a huge builder and I usually constantly cheat to be able to do that. With this new sim I am experiencing an entirely new game play style than I have ever played before. It was absolute torture these few sim weeks while my Founder has been living in the open elements and I don’t want to ruin too much, but I can tell you I build a tiny house the moment I could and probably spent some money frivolously because I can how the house looks inside and out.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t been forced to make decisions that go against my typical play style which can produce some very interesting results! I love this challenge and my Founder so much that I will be putting my other Alphabet Achievement Story aside for a little bit and focus on this challenge. I welcome everyone to join me and my Founding sim Rosabelle Prospero in my Rosebud Challenge Story!

I understand that all of us play with different styles and have different likes, dislikes, annoyances, and preferences for our sims in the game, so we might not all agree on how someone chooses to play the game. Many people’s preferences might even vary from save to save. I know mine do, some families are on a long life span, some are normal and other are forever young. I also vary my traits and aspirations and create good and evil sims, or chefs, or business women, or other profession/aspirations with traits that suit them and of course build them dream homes to live in. But usually they earn their skills and work their way up the ladder of their careers honestly, and I have recently thought about trying some sort of rags to riches challenge and actually trying to follow the rules. Eek that will be so hard for me! So we will see where that might lead!

~Happy Simming Everyone~


4 thoughts on “About Me & My Play Style

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    Your explanation of your gameplay style is really well thought out and you’ve put so much reflection into how you want to play. To me, that’s one of the most important things about the Sims games that make them one-of-a-kind, is that players can really explore how they want to play the game, and make it theirs. I’m looking forward to reading your rosebud challenge and your Slainte Legacy, knowing how you arrived at your rules and motivation to do these challenges.

    I love building too, in fact I would say that even though I enjoy the game very much, if I didn’t have any outlet for building, eventually I’d probably quit playing. I’ve been playing TS4 with little to no CC. Most of the time, I play with no CC, but for weddings I’ve added bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses just for the event, and then taken them back out. With Sims 4 I am definitely not ready to maintain a lot of CC in the game because the game is being updated regularly and new content is still being added a lot, and I am playing a legacy-style challenge (to get to ten generations) so nothing is more important that keeping my save file intact.

    Having used a lot of CC in The Sims 2, I’ve found Sims 4 much more enjoyable without CC because almost all the clothes and hair that come with the game are usable and look great, and there are so many cool clutter objects. The one category I find lacking without CC is build mode, especially wall colors, and of course, furniture recolors.


    • simplyvanillasimsblog says:

      The sims is really such a wonderful game in that way, even with the more goal oriented play in TS4, everyone can still find their own play style. I also agree with the lack of build mode items in TS4 I feel a bit spoiled coming from TS3 with the color wheel and so many more options, however I have hope that it will improve int the future with expansions and other packs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. SimKristal says:

    Hi. What a cool blog. I am playing vanilla with the new S4 so I don’t mess my computer up too. I usually use the motherlode cheat or freerealestate cheat in order to get my dream home. I recently decided to try some of the challenges. I’ve picked the Black Widow challenge and started last night. I’ve created Dahlia Black as my black widow. She has meet her first victim, ehh I mean future husband. I was looking for your black widow story I saw on S4 forum. Looking forward to reading your other stories as well.

    Happy simming!

    Liked by 2 people

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