UPDATE on my YouTube and Blog

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post an update on what is going on in my simming life right now! I have been focusing more on my YouTube channel at the moment because I got some awesome new Christmas presents for recording, including my amazing Turtle Beach Stealth 400 headset, which my boyfriend got for me!

Another reason I have been focusing more on recording is that this Blog is running out of space since it is a free blog and at this point I have no intention of upgrading to a paid subscription.

You may be asking where is this going? Well I am considering moving the Prospero Family Story to a Let’s Play series on YouTube because there is now so much going on in the game it is difficult to share it all with you here on the blog, especially since I have so many more screenshots than I ever can include in the posts.

So I would love everyone’s opinions about how you feel about the Prospero Family becoming a Let’s Play series instead of the blog reports. I have created a poll below to vote for either Reports or Videos! Please let me know what you think!


~ Happy Simming ~

Watch My Let’s Play: Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge on Youtube!

Hello All,

I finally have the Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge Let’t Play Videos uploaded to Youtube! I hope that you all enjoy them and subscribe to my channel. If this is successful I will be recording other Let’s Play Series. Thanks so much for everyone’s continued and future support of me and my blog! You can watch the video below, please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed the video!

~ Happy Simming ~