Slainte Legacy Chapter 4 – Introducing the “A” Generation!

The new mansion is finished for the Slainte Family, the construction process took longer than they had anticipated so the babies have aged up into children while they were living in the old house.

For more background on the Slainte Family check out the introduction

Authors Note: I really don’t like the “baby” objects in S4 because all they seem to do is poop and cry and having a good relationship with the parents makes no difference in S4 so I age up the kids as soon as I can.

Introducing the “A” Generation – Triplets!

Both Siobhan and Deaglan received secret fertility treatments to make sure that they were able to produce a healthy heir for the Slainte Family. This resulted in the hilarious outcome of triplets for the expecting parents! They were both pleased and surprised to have 3 children to manage, and they are very happy that they are not identical twins or they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart!

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Slainte Legacy Chapter 5 – Our First Week at Barondale

Generation “A” is in their childhood years and the Slainte’s are settling into their new mansion Barondale!

For their first night in their new home Siobhan wants to prepare a special meal for her family. She chooses to roast a whole chicken in celebration of their new home and the future of the Family.

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Siobhan takes extra special care in the preparation of their first dinner in the mansion.

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