December Patch First Impressions Video

Hello Everyone,

Today I made a little first impressions video about the new patch content. Check out the new maps, groups and other features, including Holiday Stuff!

Tell me what you all think of the new patch in the comments!

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Watch My Let’s Play: Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge on Youtube!

Hello All,

I finally have the Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge Let’t Play Videos uploaded to Youtube! I hope that you all enjoy them and subscribe to my channel. If this is successful I will be recording other Let’s Play Series. Thanks so much for everyone’s continued and future support of me and my blog! You can watch the video below, please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed the video!

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Week 6, Day 41 – Forty Days and Forty Nights

The Prospero Family has spent 40 days and 40 nights working toward their ultimate goal of earning §1,000,000 simoleons! The family already achieved so much and today is also Fortuna’s teen birthday so the next generation will start helping out financially too.

Starting Funds: §117,565

Fortuna's birthday dawns rough and early for her since she wakes up really needing to pee and the toilet it broken from yesterday.

Fortuna’s birthday dawns rough and early for her since she wakes up really needing to pee and the toilet it broken from yesterday.

Rosabelle also wakes up really having to pee, she decides to take Fortuna over the the neighbors, the Caliente’s, and ask to use their bathroom since theirs isn’t working.

Fortuna changes out of her pj to go the the neighbors, but Rosabelle has to pee so badly that she forgets!

Fortuna changes out of her pj to go the the neighbors, but Rosabelle has to pee so badly that she forgets!

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Welcome to My Newcrest!

As I promised a few days ago, I have a complete world of Newcrest for you to download for your sims, of course none of my lots contain any mods or custom content! Please read the FAQ before downloading, click on the lot name to download. Happy Simming!

There are three very different neighborhoods in world of Newcrest if have created, Aqueduct Place, The Industrial District and Creekside Estates. Aqueduct Place is the affordable neighborhood in Newcrest, with the most expensive house costing less than §55,000 simoleons. The Industrial District is the middle class neighborhood in Newcrest, the homes range from under §100,000 – §130,000. Creekside Estates is the most exclusive and expensive neighborhood in Newcrest and the mansions here can cost half a million simoleons!

Aqueduct Place Neighborhood

The affordable neighborhood in Newcrest named after the canal that runs around the area, this neighborhood features Craftsman styling and a family environment. There is also a local park here with a playground and many other amenities for your sims to enjoy.

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Newcrest Industrial District #BuildNewcrest

As I promised I have new lots built in advance of the release of Newcrest. Also Sims VIP started a hash tag, #BuildNewcrest, for the gallery to search for Newcrest lots and I will be using it for all my Newcrest builds as well.

Real Life Inspiration

These lots are inspired by some abandoned warehouses in Petaluma, a town near me, that were converted into apartments.

Newcrest Industrial District

Welcome to the Industrial District, once abandoned warehouses are now converted into housing suitable for populated sim living. This district was created for Neighborhood #3 in Newcrest, see picture below for lot locations.

Chick the Lot Names to download them from the Gallery or search Origin ID Love_Wasaabi.

06-06-15_2-43 PM

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The Sims Announces Free New World!

The new world of Newcrest was announced by EA today. This is their answer to the compliants that there isn’t enough space for people’s growing families and neighborhoods. This topic has already sparked heated discussions on The Sims Forum with completely opposite opinions of this world.

Tell me what YOU think about Newcrest in the comments!

I am very excited for a new world and more space for our sims to grow and live. Since I am primarily a builder, having the extra space it great for me. The world has three neighborhoods with 5 lots per ‘hood, and all of the the lots are empty. Newcrest looks like a suburban area outside of a larger city as you can see in the photo above, the lots are mostly small sizes and according to the article on The Sims blog there is only one large lot measuring 50×40. I am disappointed that there is no 50×50 sized lots, which is my favorite size to build on. But in my opinion the smaller lots sizes fit in with the suburban feel of the neighborhoods. The Sims have released a short announcement video showing the neighborhoods, you can watch it below.

Some Forum members have noticed that Newcrest looks very similar to Willow Creek and have complained that the developers did not put any actual work into the creating this world and we, as players, shouldn’t accept free content like this when there are major items still missing from the game, like toddlers for example. I personally don’t mind the missing toddlers but many other players are very affected by them. I miss cars you can actually use and a real beach. But everybody has their own complaints. Here are some of the comments made about the new world announcement.

Farrousy wrote,

They literally have done nothing, I bet these were the steps:

1- Get Willow Creek

2- Demolish all the lots

3- Make it a bit smaller

4- Add more fake backdrops


MasonGamer wrote,

…all the looks like the neighbor hoods we already have got mixed and matched with other neighborhoods.










is this.



















is this












I’m not mad, I’ll take the extra space but… it’s actually laughable…

Rudy8292 wrote,

No, it’s not free at all. What did we pay for our game again? That’s right: we payed a lot of money to get a fully fledged out game.
Instead we got: maps with a few lots, missing content (they have to add it back now bit by bit because they know they have to do some damage control).

If EA took the time to create a decent base game version of the Sims 4, all of these ”FREE” patches would not be needed. And that means that we didn’t have to wait for all of this stuff to come back to the game (for months!).

So no, EA is not generous, EA is no charity, EA just knows how they can milk the game at any costs. Giving these ”free” updates will make people willing to pay again, so they make money afterall. It’s not like EA is doing this because they like to ”give stuff” for free, no, it’s because they have to cover up their own fail.

Cinebar wrote,

I don’t see it as ‘free’ per se, we paid $60-$80 for 50 or less lots in the base game. I would say thanks, it’s about time.

 Ponderberries wrote,

Reading this thread is so confusing…
Either it’s shameful content ea should be apologizing for or it’s so good that we should be thanking the complainers for getting it for us. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.
I think I’d rather thank ea for it and be happy for those who wanted it.

I absolutely agree with Ponderberries about the confusion, on the one hand I am delighted to have a new world with more space to build BUT Newcrest does seem like a rehash of Willow Creek with slightly different background, as other Forum members have pointed out. I see this as the lazy way of giving us Simmers what we have been asking for, I am thankful and very happy that is it free. However if this were paid content I would not buy it, and I own every expansion, game pack and stuff pack for The Sims 4, because it isn’t worth the money. I would love different scenery to look at instead of the same type as Willow Creek and a completely unique feel to the neighborhood instead of a very sterile suburban feel where all the background houses look the same. Where is the beautiful Tudor village scenery from the concept art and pre-release game?

There are also community concerns about how the culling cap, which is 180 sims, will be affected by the addition of a new world. Previously the Guru’s have stated that culling is working as it is intended, however Daniel Hiatt (@SimGuruDaniel) tweeted this in response a question about culling, which sort of indicates that perhaps it isn’t working properly.

Overall I am happy and excited that we are getting a new world for FREE! I hope that it has interesting little areas to explore in the different neighborhoods, like the playgrounds or community gardens in worlds we have now. Maybe there will even be a hidden lot, I think that is asking too much of a free world but I would be happy to be wrong. At this point I am thankful that The Sims franchise wants to sees its players satisfied and tries find solutions for the community’s concerns and wants. However, I do wish they had put a little more effort into making Newcrest feel like its own unique world and not just a suburban area of another city. 

That being said I am a builder and I will release some lots especially designed for Newcrest soon!

Tell me what you think of the new wold of Newcrest in the comments!

~Happy Simming~