House Plans

Here you will find all the house plans I have created to share on the Gallery, you can search my Origin ID: Love_Wasaabi for all my uploads. Please read the info below before downloading. I hope you enjoy them!

Downloading Tips and Tricks

  • There is NO CUSTOM CONTENT EVER in any of my houses or sims on the gallery!
  • Always place lots in build mode rather than through the manage world screen to ensure all items load properly, especially items that have been enlarged.
  • MOO cheat is used in some builds.
  • All Expansion/Game/Stuff packs could be used in any build. The Gallery will show which are used for each property.
  • Remember, you can now place lot that is larger than you current lot, it will cut off excess lot space to fit.

Complete World of Newcrest

House Building Contest Winner

06-18-15_1-12 PM

Homes Under §20,000

05-26-15_12-13 PM

Homes Under §150,000

05-28-15_12-23 AM

Homes under §300,000

11-20-15_8-12-27 PM

Luxury Mansions



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