UPDATE on my YouTube and Blog

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post an update on what is going on in my simming life right now! I have been focusing more on my YouTube channel at the moment because I got some awesome new Christmas presents for recording, including my amazing Turtle Beach Stealth 400 headset, which my boyfriend got for me!

Another reason I have been focusing more on recording is that this Blog is running out of space since it is a free blog and at this point I have no intention of upgrading to a paid subscription.

You may be asking where is this going? Well I am considering moving the Prospero Family Story to a Let’s Play series on YouTube because there is now so much going on in the game it is difficult to share it all with you here on the blog, especially since I have so many more screenshots than I ever can include in the posts.

So I would love everyone’s opinions about how you feel about the Prospero Family becoming a Let’s Play series instead of the blog reports. I have created a poll below to vote for either Reports or Videos! Please let me know what you think!


~ Happy Simming ~


3 thoughts on “UPDATE on my YouTube and Blog

  1. Christine (themcgfamily) says:

    Awesome! Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel & I love all your videos! Looking forward to seeing more!!! Happy day to you!


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