Week 9 – New Love and New Age

Week 9 in the Prospero Household is mostly focused on trying to earning those last few simoleons and will culminate with their move to Windenburg!

Starting Funds: §319,438

This week starts with the Prospero Family working non-stop to earn some extra simoleons so they can build a new amazing house in Windenburg!

Monday through Wednesday was a whirlwind of working, harvesting, collecting, writing and painting. During that time Pawel was promoted to Creator of Worlds which is the top of the writer career. Now both he and Rosabelle are at the tops of their writing careers. Fortuna continued to increase her skill in painting. One day she decided to go to the museum for some inspiration and was able to paint a masterpiece worth §3,034 simoleons! With all the extra work everyone has been putting in the family was able to  earn a lot of extra simoleons.

On Thursday the Prospero Family moved to Windenburg. Since their are always trying to save money, they tore down their house and saved all their furniture and sold the rest of the scrap building material. With these additional funds they now have a total of §539,987 simoleons! Which is half way to their goal of 1 million simoleons! Because they have worked so hard they were able to build a really beautiful new house in Windenburg!

Welcome to Prospero Manor!

When the family was designing their new home, they decided to create a home that would not have to be expanded for future generations. They were able to take full advantage of all the square footage in their new home. They even have an Attic Master Retreat, which will hopefully be for Fortuna when she finds her significant other and will need a larger space. There is also unfinished basement space as well.

The house cost them §316,521 simoleons to build and is worth §334,81 simoleons!

Let the Tour Begin!

12-14-15_9-23-12 PM

Front Side

12-14-15_9-26-21 PM

Back Side

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The Prospero’s began to settle into their new home and city right away!

12-14-15_7-56-57 PM

Almost right away the Welcome Wagon showed up! Unfortunately (or maybe not unfortunately…) they did not bring any fruitcake.

All of the family’s neighbors came by, Mila and Gunther Munch, who are mother and son, and Ulrike Faust and Maaike Haas who are roommates in the Cottage Am See.

12-14-15_8-05-26 PM

Fortuna meets Ulrike and they seem to hit it off.

12-14-15_8-10-59 PM

Pawel and Belle seem to be getting along great with their neighbors.

12-14-15_8-09-15 PM

Forbes is being a typical teenager by avoiding adults and playing video games when he probably should be socializing.

12-14-15_9-00-39 PM

Fortuna and Ulrike are becoming great friends. She learns that Ulrike is an art lover, a perfectionist and creative. Which are the same exact traits that Fortuna has!

It’s nice to see Fortuna being more social, she has always been a little awkward. It turns out that Ulrike and Fortuna are co-workers at 1000 Words Gallery. Fortuna just transferred there from her position in Oasis Springs. Ulrike is also an accomplished painter, just like Fortune!

The next day, Rosabelle decides to explore the neighborhood and go collecting since that is her new aspiration.

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The entire Prospero family is in awe at how beautiful Windenburg is, especially compared to the desert of Oasis Springs. It was beautiful there but in a much more stark way than Windenburg.


Remember little Karlee Kirkpatrick? The bookworm in the green hat? Well she finally became a teenager and Forbes has been hanging out with her both in school and out.

He is feeling flirty, so he invites her out on a date to Hare Square Park on the waterfront area in Windenburg.

Things seem like they are going really well between them. Forbes clearly learned a thing or too from his dad in the smooth department. Since it is going so well, Forbes decides to reveal his longtime crush on her and ask her to be his girlfriend.

12-15-15_1-35-48 PM

Unfortunately she rejected his request to be his girlfriend. Forbes is furious.

However, Forbes cares about her so much and has known in his heart of a long time that she is the one for him. He apologizes and is able to salvage their relationship and the date ends.


Fortuna has been working hard at her painting skill and her promotion requirements and is promoted to Canvas Creator and receives the Painting Canvas Storage Rack. Ulrike has also been helping Fortuna with her painting and they are getting along so well that Ulrike asks her (autonomously, I did not request to join) to join the Renegades, which is the club that Ulrike is the leader of.

12-15-15_2-24-58 PM

Of course their stove breaks right away, however it is the one from their old house. Pawel fixes it immediately since it is shooting out flames!


Forbes spends more time with Karlee making her feel comfortable, he thinks that maybe she is just shy and needs to get to know the more adult him.

12-15-15_1-55-58 PM

Their relationship seems to have bounced back from Forbes’ earlier embarrassments.

Their relationship is going so well that Forbes decides to ask her to be his girlfriend again. This time she eagerly says yes and they share their first kiss!

12-15-15_2-16-24 PM

He even gives her a promise ring because he will be a young adult tomorrow and wants her to become his future wife!


It is now the weekend and it is time for Forbes’ young adult birthday party! The family decides to throw a real party since they baby boy is only becoming a young adult once!

12-16-15_5-59-49 PM

Everyone is here for the party and is getting down to some funky beats!

During the party Fortuna and Ulrike slipped off to the garden to spend some alone time together. Fortuna has been feeling more and more connected to Ulrike on every level. She has never shown any interest in boys but something about Ulrike make her want to spend the rest of her life with her. She decides to make her move and show Ulrike how she really feels about her!

12-16-15_6-13-28 PM

Ulrike looks like she is feeling Fortuna too!

12-16-15_6-39-41 PM

It’s time to celebrate Forbes’ Birthday! Welcome to Adulthood!

12-16-15_6-41-28 PM

Karlee also aged up into a young adult at Forbes’ birthday party.

Since Forbes and Karlee are now both adults, he asks her to WooHoo with him in a closet! For some reason they choose to use one of the unfinished rooms in the basement.

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This concludes both Fobes’ Birthday Party and the week for the Prospero family. They are certainty successful in all aspects of their lives!

Starting Funds: §319,439 – Ending Funds: §312,065

Weekly Bills: §3,895 – Weekly Investment Return: §11,731

Check back soon for Week 10




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