Week 8 – Breadwinners and Breakage

Author’s Note: This is the first of the new weekly report format for the Prospero Legacy. I am still playing around with how to format these new reports so bare with me for the first couple ones.

One thing that is very different is that I am no longer recording every single simoleon spent, this drastically speeds up my gameplay time and reduces the length of the posts.

– Enjoy and Happy Simming –

Week Eight in the Prospero Household is week full of accomplishments, breakage and lots of simoleons!

Starting Funds: §150,780

The Prospero Family needs to make at least §300,000 simoleons in order to move to Windenburg since it is an affluent city. They are all very excited about the opportunity of moving to Windenburg and experiencing a larger and more vibrant city.

Right after his birthday, the parents allow Forbes to remove all of Fortuna’s childhood drawings and splurge on a desk with a comfy chair and a nice computer for Forbes to practice his programming and video gaming in his room.

12-06-15_4-49-29 PM

Forbes really enjoys his new computer and loves playing video games in his room.

Early in the week, Fortuna came down with an illness and decided since the next day was her birthday, she would take the day off from school and try to recover before her celebration.

12-02-15_5-01-54 PM

Fortuna was seeing stars while trying to complete her homework. Forbes looks quite proud of himself here for some reason.

The next day, the family decides to celebrate Fortuna’s Young Adult birthday before Forbes needs to leave for school. Unfortunately, he needed to leave for the bus right when she was blowing out the candles.

12-02-15_9-20-15 PM

The whole family celebrating Fortuna together!

12-02-15_9-22-09 PM

Fortuna is becoming a Young Adult

12-02-15_10-11-49 PM

She immediately goes to choose new outfits that are more befitting of a Young Adult.

Unfortunately there were some set backs within the house that hindered the family during this week. On the first day of the week it started with a broken toilet and as the week went on there were eight different items that broke in the house. Most were in the bathroom and either Pawel or Forbes (stepping up his responsibilities!) repaired them. However one day the tv broke and there was no option for them to repair it.

12-06-15_12-37-21 PM

Rosabelle calls the Repair Service since it will cost §1750 to replace it!

12-06-15_12-57-34 PM

The repairman arrives and quickly repairs the tv for a whopping §111 simoleons! That was a good deal!

12-02-15_4-53-05 PM

All the sinks and all the toilets broke, possibly more than once.

12-02-15_7-07-41 PM

Even both computers broke and Forbes fixed one.

The silver lining of all this breakage is that Pawel and Forbes spend a lot of time during the week upgrading all the bathroom objects to be less breakable.

The garden is booming and each dragonfruit harvest nets at least §10,000 simoleons (sometime more), the orchids and blackberries are also very lucrative.

12-06-15_1-41-12 PM

Rosabelle is very proud of the garden that she started when she didn’t even have a home yet!

Now that Fortuna is now a Young Adult, she finds a job and of course it is the logical choice to go into the painter career. Since she graduated high school as an A student she started her career at level 3, and she can now sell her painting to the Art Gallery.

12-06-15_5-42-45 PM

Fortuna leaves for her first day of work as a Hungry Artist

She also paints several Masterpiece Pop Art paintings and she thinks she has found her artistic niche in the Pop Art genre.

12-06-15_12-15-29 PM

Fortuna with her Masterpiece Pop Princess, which sold for §2567 simoleons to the Art Gallery


Towards the end of the week, Forbes starts to feel really sick, he has weird marks on his body and is dizzy and dazed.

12-06-15_5-49-58 PM

Forbes doesn’t look so good.

12-06-15_6-11-05 PM

The dazed look on his face is too funny!

12-06-15_6-14-00 PM

His illness doesn’t seem to be going away on its own like Fortuna’s did so Forbes takes some medicine to cure himself.

During the week, Rosabelle was promoted to the top level of the Author career, Creator of Worlds. She earned §2885 simoleons in bonus pay and the Unlocked Door to Perception. They will use this new door in the construction of the new house in Windenburg. Both Rosabelle and Pawel were also to complete their Bestselling Author aspiration and gained the Poetic trait, which allows them to write the Book of Life.

They both chose the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration next and since it back dates the achievements they only needed to earn about §20,000 more simoleons to complete the aspiration. With all the simoleons the family earns from their garden, both Pawel’s and Rosabelle’s jobs and Fortuna’s paintings which she sells to the Art Gallery, they were able to complete these aspirations too. This gave both them the Shrewd trait which will give each sim a 5% interest payment weekly on their household funds. Another great way for the Prospero Family to earn money!

Because they were both able to complete two aspirations they accrued a lot of aspiration points and were both able to buy the Super Green Thumb reward trait so their gardening is more effective.

They are now both working toward the Curator aspiration which focuses on collecting and finding rare objects which can be sold for lots of simoleons!

On Sunday the Prospero Family decides to take an outing to the Oasis Springs Commercial District to visit The Futures Past Museum and do some collecting. Rosabelle and the kids form a group to admire art together. Fortuna needs to admire three paintings to complete her current milestone for her aspiration. Meanwhile Pawel goes collecting around the area, he’s not so into art.

12-06-15_7-54-31 PM

The group enjoys some modern art at the Museum

When they get home from their outing, they sell all of their collectibles and harvestibles. They also harvest and sell all their garden plants.

12-06-15_8-22-02 PM

The Prospero family enjoys a celebratory dinner to celebrate earning over §300,000 simoleons!

The week ends with the Prospero family achieving their short term goal of earning at least §300,000 simoleons in order to move to Windenburg.

12-06-15_8-29-28 PM

Pawel and Rosabelle are enjoying their newly updated fireplace, which now gives them warmth at night

Starting Funds: §150,780 Ending Funds: §319,439

8 Week Progress Report

Household funds: §319,439

Lot Value: §102,242


The Prospero’s are almost half way to their goal of 1 million simoleons!

Check back soon for Week 9 – New Love and New Age



2 thoughts on “Week 8 – Breadwinners and Breakage

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    Yes! Now they’ll be able to move to Windenburg! And congratulations on all the aspirations, and the green thumb reward trait. They must be getting to be incredibly fun to play with all their reward traits, skills, etc.


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