Week 8, Day 50 – It’s a Party, Y’all

Author’s Note: Today will be the last Daily Report for the Prospero Family. I am running out of room on the blog and due to this I will be posting weekly reports instead. Each report will cover one week’s activities.

This has been a big week for the Prospero Family, they have accomplished aspirations, written bestsellers and completed skills. There have also been several birthdays and today is another party for the Family!

Starting Funds: §150,780

11-26-15_12-12-36 AM

The kids are up first this Sunday morning. Forbes continues to practice chess, he is now learning the logic skill and Fortuna is heading downstairs to paint.

11-26-15_12-14-13 AM

Fortuna starts a large classic painting (§100), funds are now §150,680 simoleons.

11-26-15_12-19-50 AM

Rosabelle is up now too, she goes to tend the garden.

11-26-15_12-21-40 AM

She finishes her painting and is able to sell it for §863 simoleons. Their funds are now §151,543 simoleons.

When Fortuna is finished painting she eats breakfast and watches the cooking channel for fun and learning. After eating she recycles her dish for §40, their funds are now §151,583 simoleons.

11-26-15_12-35-57 AM

After breakfast, Fortuna decides to ask her mom about woohoo.

11-26-15_12-37-05 AM

She is very embarrassed by this conversation.

11-26-15_12-37-24 AM

Whatever Belle said seemed to cheer Fortuna up and make her feel better!

Pawel is awake now and heads downstairs for breakfast before he needs to go to work.

11-26-15_12-41-07 AM

Fortuna takes over tending the garden for her mom so Belle can have breakfast with Pawel before he has to go to work.

Today’s Royalty Report arrives, the Family has earned §9,458, simoleons. Fortuna also harvested all the orchids and sells them for §1,046, their funds are now §162,087 simoleons. 

11-26-15_12-42-18 AM

Belle and Pawel eat breakfast together this morning.

Belle cleans up from breakfast and receives §80 in recycling. Their funds are now §162,167 simoleons.

11-26-15_12-53-17 AM

After breakfast, Pawel leaves for work and works hard. He is hoping for a promotion today.

11-26-15_12-57-29 AM

Forbes works on his extra credit work, he did his homework yesterday.

11-26-15_1-00-58 AM

Meanwhile Belle helps Fortuna with her homework.

11-26-15_1-00-46 AM

Fortuna thinks that this is phone time not homework time. Belle gets after her to work harder on her homework.

11-26-15_1-00-55 AM

Ugghh, Fortuna thinks homework is so hard, she just wants to be creative and paint not try to be an academic.

11-26-15_1-07-28 AM

Once the kids are done with their homework, Fortuna calls Courtney and Karlee to come hang out with them since it’s Sunday today.

12-01-15_8-38-08 PM

Belle get a chance to work on her book while the kids hangout with their friends.

12-01-15_8-41-08 PM

When their friends arrive, Fortuna and Courtney cloud gaze outside together.

11-26-15_1-15-05 AM

Meanwhile, Forbes plays chess with Karlee. He is trying to cheat here! Karlee look over there…

11-26-15_1-15-09 AM

Let me just switch this piece while Karlee is not looking.

Pawel arrives home from work,  and he was promoted to Bestselling Author! He earned §1,010 in regular pay and §2,421 in bonus pay. He also received The Muse bookcase (§2,100), he sells this immediately since they already have one from Belle’s earlier promotion. Their funds are now §167,698 simoleons.

12-01-15_8-51-24 PM

When Pawel gets home from work he is very tense from working so hard. He immediately goes to calm down in the mirror before the party tonight.

The Prospero Family has decided to have Forbes’ birthday party a few days early, especially since he has completed his childhood aspiration and as a teen can contribute more to the household funds.

12-01-15_8-52-29 PM

Belle prepares a party size chips and salsa (§13) for the party. When she is done cooking she recycles some dishes for §40, their funds are now §167,725 simoleons.

She also arranges the birthday party (§100) and invites lots of Forbes and Fortuna’s friends to come. Their finds are now §167,625 simoleons. 

12-01-15_9-08-48 PM

Unfortunately none of the invited guests showed up for the party. But that doesn’t mean that the Family still didn’t have fun.

12-01-15_9-10-47 PM

Forbes and Pawel share a special father son moment before he becomes a teen.

12-01-15_9-24-30 PM

Now it is time for Forbes to blow out the birthday candles!

12-01-15_9-24-58 PM

Forbes is becoming a teen! He chooses the Computer Whiz aspiration and Geek as his second trait.

12-01-15_9-30-18 PM

He turned out very handsome, he looks a lot like both his parents.

The party ends with a silver metal, the Family recieves some balloons from the party which they sell for §150 simoleons. Rosabelle cleans up after the party and receives §120 for recycling, she also replaces the candles (§10) on the cake. Their funds are now §167,885 simoleons.

Both kids when to bed after the party since they are both tired.

12-01-15_9-55-16 PM

Pawel and Belle tend the garden one more time before bed.

12-01-15_9-59-31 PM

When they are done they go to bed too.

Check back soon for Week 8 – Breadwinners and Breakage

Starting Funds: §150,780 Ending Funds: §167,885

Rosabelle’s Skills Pawel’s Skills Fortuna’s Skills Forbes’ Skills
Charisma 3 Charisma 3 Charisma 1 Logic 2
Comedy 2 Comedy 1 Comedy 1
Cooking 6 Cooking 7 Cooking 2
Fishing 3 Fishing 2 Fitness 1
Fitness 1 Gardening 6 Gardening 2
Gardening 7 Guitar 2 Painting 6
Gourmet Cooking 2 Handiness 6 Video Gaming 1
Handiness 3 Logic 4
Logic 4 Mischief 3
Painting 2 Mixology 2 Childhood Only Traits Childhood Only Traits
Photography 3 Painting 2 Creativity – Child Only 10 Creativity – Child Only 1
Video Gaming 3 Photography 2 Mental – Child Only 4 Mental – Child Only 10
Writing 10 Video Gaming 2 Motor – Child Only 1 Motor – Child Only 4
Writing 10 Social – Child Only 10 Social – Child Only 4

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