Week 7, Day 49 – The Announcement!

Today is another special day for the Prospero Family. Pawel has a big announcement planned for tonight’s dinner that will chance the future of this family forever!

Starting Funds: §136,218

The kids are up early this morning, even though it’s Saturday but they both need to use the bathroom.

11-25-15_7-58-24 PM

Forbes has to pee so bad that he is cross-eyed!

11-25-15_8-02-56 PM

Fortuna eats breakfast after getting ready in the bathroom.

After eating Fortuna recycles her dish for §40, their funds are now §136,258 simoleons.

11-25-15_8-01-28 PM

Forbes ponders chess moves for focus and to try to complete his childhood aspriation since he won’t be a child for much longer.

11-25-15_8-08-32 PM

After breakfast Fortuna tends the garden for her parents since they both have to work today.

Rosabelle is now awake, she takes a shower and chooses new clothes for all her (and Pawel’s) outfits that are more appropriate for adults.

11-25-15_8-59-07 PM

After Belle’s shower she immediately sends her book that she finished last night to the publisher.

11-25-15_9-03-19 PM

Then Belle makes more scrambled eggs (§10) while Forbes takes a chess break to eat breakfast. Their funds are now §136,248 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-19-48 PM

Forbes goes back to chess after breakfast he only needs 2 more mental skill points to finish his childhood aspiration!

When the food is ready, she eats breakfast and after a while Pawel joins her for breakfast when he is done with his shower.

When the food is ready, she eats breakfast and after a while Pawel joins her for breakfast when he is done with his shower.

Today’s Royalty Report arrives, the family has earned §9,692 simoleons and their funds are now §145,940 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-18-51 PM

Fortuna starts a small classic painting (§50), their funds are now §145,890 simoleons.

The parents clean up from breakfast and receive §160 in recycling. Their funds are now §146,050 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-20-40 PM

The parents are off to a hard day’s work.

Fortuna finishes her painting and is able to sell it for $569, their funds are now §146,619 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-27-33 PM

She immediately starts another small classic painting (§50), their funds are now §146,569 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-30-06 PM

Forbes takes a chess break to play Arithmetic Attack! on the computer. This also raises his mental skill, he is so close to completing his aspiration.

11-25-15_9-30-37 PM

Fortuna finishes her second painting, this one she is able to sell for §743, their funds are now §147,312 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-35-19 PM

She decides to go collecting around the neighborhood while Forbes continues to play on the computer.

The parents arrive home from work, Belle earned §1,480 simoleons and a vacation day and Pawel earned §1,010 simoleons. Their funds are now §149,802 simoleons.

11-25-15_9-48-21 PM

The parents are both tense from working so hard. They watch tv together to relax.

Fortuna returns home from her collecting run and sells everything she collected.

Collection Value:

  • 2 Mystery Boxes §140
  • 1 Ruby crystal §30
  • 1 Orange Topaz crystal §15
  • 1 Treasure Map §80
  • 10 blackberries §110
  • 23 onions §69
  • 10 tulips §50
  • 10 cherries §30
  • 10 lemons §50
    • Total sold §554, new funds §150,356
11-25-15_10-03-10 PM

Once Belle is feeling more relaxed she prepared pan fried tilapia (§17) for tonight’s special dinner. Their funds are now §150,339 simoleons.

Fortuna tends the garden while dinner is being prepared. Forbes is still working on his mental skill.

11-25-15_10-06-38 PM

Belle calls everyone to dinner. Pawel has a very special announcement!

Once everyone is gathered and has grabbed a plate of fish to eat, he is ready to make his announcement.

11-25-15_10-09-50 PM

Pawel begins “When I am retired I want to live in a beautiful place. While I know that we already have a beautiful home in a nice suburb, I want something better for myself and my children and their children too, perhaps.”

He goes on “Since we have been working so hard and are earning a lot of simoleons each day, this has opened new opportunities for us. There is a beautiful city called Windenburg, that is sophisticated, bustling and vibrant, I think it is the perfect place for us to retire and for the kids to have a successful future both financially and otherwise.”

11-25-15_10-12-41 PM

Belle asks “Is this a good decision for our family? Can we afford to move to a new city? Especially one as elegant as Windenburg?”

Pawel reassures her, “While Windenburg may be a costly city, we have been making a good income and with Forbes entering his teenage years soon, everyone can take on more money making tasks.”


He goes on to say “Look at these wonderful pictures! Windenburg is truly a city for artists and thinkers. We will feel right at home!”


He continues “There are ancient ruins and beautiful chateaus with amazing scenery. There are even easels everywhere for the aspiring painter. I think that Fortuna will really enjoy it there.”


Pawel finishes with “There is even a very modern business district which I think Forbes might find interesting in the future. Windenburg is a perfect mix of old and new for our family’s growing future!”

Rosabelle and the children love the look of Windenburg. Fortuna can just see herself painting the lush country side and Forbes can imagine meeting new friends and learning about international business.

Rosabelle asks Pawel if he has a plan about where they will live yet.


Pawel responds “Of course we will check out all the neighborhoods when we are ready to move, but you can check out this map if your want. I really like the idea of living on the island or perhaps in the country side.”

Rosabelle says “Oh, Pawel the island would be amazing but so would having a country estate, I can’t decide!”

11-25-15_10-09-56 PM

Pawel asks her “So is that a yes? Will you retire to Windenburg with me and the family?”

11-25-15_10-12-49 PM

Belle answers “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!”

11-25-15_10-13-14 PM

Pawel cannot contain his joy, the Prospero’s are moving soon!

Pawel knows that this is not something they can accomplish with their current funds, The Prospero family will need to double their current bank account amount before the move. That means they will need to have §300,000 simoleons in reserve!

11-25-15_10-18-48 PM

There is not much recycling tonight since Belle decided to wash the dishes by hand. They earned §40 in recycling, their funds are now §150,379 simoleons.

11-25-15_10-19-42 PM

After dinner Pawel works on his book for a while.

11-25-15_10-21-31 PM

Belle and Forbes play chess together. He is trying to get his last skill point and Belle needs 1 more logic point for her next work promotion.

11-25-15_10-23-10 PM

Fortuna tends the garden again after dinner.

11-25-15_10-47-54 PM

Forbes heads to bed after playing chess for a while. He has also finished his childhood aspiration and gained the mentally gifted skill, which lets him learn adult mental skills faster.

11-25-15_11-13-24 PM

While tending the front garden Fortuna decides to say hi to this young man walking down the street. His name is Malcolm Landgraab.

11-25-15_11-13-30 PM

As soon as she finishes saying hello he immediately starts yelling at her and she learns that he is a mean sim!

11-25-15_11-16-56 PM

Fortuna decides, screw him she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. She goes back to tending the garden.

11-25-15_11-18-20 PM

After Fortuna is done tending the garden, she mops up the puddles she created while watering, she knows that Dad will get upset since he is so neat.

Fortuna has been taking on more family responsibility, especially in the money making department. She is tired for a full day of hard work, so she goes to bed after mopping.

11-25-15_11-34-20 PM

Pawel and Belle work on their books together. Pawel is only 1 bestseller away from finishing his aspiration.

Pawel finishes his book and its a bestseller! He has now completed his Bestselling Author Aspiration! He now has the poetic trait which allows him to write the Book of Life! He chooses the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration next. Because it apparently counts previous history, Pawel immediately jumps to the final milestone of the aspiration, all he needs to complete this aspiration is §200,000 simoleons in reserve!

Rosabelle is tired at this point and goes to bed. Pawel sends his latest bestseller to the publisher to begin earning royalties.

11-25-15_11-45-43 PM

Since he is not yet tired he decides to go collecting around the neighborhood before bed.

Once Pawel is home he sells the collection immediately.

Collection Value:

  • 1 Pyrite crystal §10
  • 1 Socialite crystal §80
  • 1 Treasure Map §80
  • 1 Stopped Leaf Frog §10
  • 18 cherris §54
  • 10 tulips §50
  • 39 lemons §117
    • Total sold §401, new funds §150,780
11-25-15_11-51-47 PM

When he is finished selling his collection haul he is very tired and heads straight to bed.

Today has been a big day for the Prospero Family. They are going to be moving soon, in order to do that they need to earn enough money. Fortuna is taking on more and more family responsibility. Pawel and Forbes have finished their aspirations today and Forbes will be a teenager very soon!

Check back soon for Week 8, Day 50 – It’s a Party, Y’all

Starting Funds: §136,218 Ending Funds: §150,780

Rosabelle’s Skills Pawel’s Skills Fortuna’s Skills Forbes’ Skills
Charisma 3 Charisma 3 Charisma 1 Creativity 1
Comedy 2 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Logic 1
Cooking 6 Cooking 7 Cooking 2 Mental 10
Fishing 3 Fishing 2 Fitness 1 Motor 4
Fitness 1 Gardening 6 Gardening 2 Social 4
Gardening 7 Guitar 2 Painting 6
Gourmet Cooking 2 Handiness 6 Video Gaming 1
Handiness 3 Logic 4
Logic 4 Mischief 3
Painting 2 Mixology 2 Childhood Only Traits
Photography 3 Painting 2 Creativity – Child Only 10
Video Gaming 3 Photography 2 Mental – Child Only 4
Writing 10 Video Gaming 2 Motor – Child Only 1
Writing 10 Social – Child Only 10




3 thoughts on “Week 7, Day 49 – The Announcement!

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    I am so excited about this family moving to Windenburg and continuing to follow their story there!!! The countryside and the island are both so beautiful. I wonder how long it will take them to get the $150,000– they are gaining quicker and quicker now, so hopefully not too long.


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