Week 7, Day 48 – Rosabelle’s Birthday

Today is Rosabelle’s Adult birthday! Now that both Rosabelle and Pawel are adults with only a little more time for work, promotions and money making, they are looking toward their future and goal of 1 million simoleons!

Starting Funds: §110,814

11-19-15_3-26-48 PM

Rosabelle wakes up first, she is excited that it’s her birthday! Pawel is awake soon after.

11-19-15_3-38-01 PM

The parents tend the garden together. Belle is fertilizing and Pawel is spraying for bugs.

11-19-15_3-47-08 PM

The kids are up now and Forbes is creating an emotional potion for his aspiration, he needs to make three of them.

11-19-15_3-34-49 PM

Meanwhile Fortuna eats breakfast and watches the cooking channel, she is trying to become a better cook. She will be an adult soon and needs to be able to care for herself.

11-19-15_3-46-02 PM

Pawel harvests their plants while Rosabelle continues to garden.

11-19-15_5-05-01 PM

After they are finished, the parents eat breakfast and watch some tv together. Recycling return from dishes §120, funds are now §110,934 simoleons.

The kids are off to school to make more friends, today is the parents day off. The parents, of course, are focusing on earning as much money as possible today.

The kids are having a rough day at school today, they are facing many obstacles and challenges.

First, Fortuna finds her rivals cheat notebook in the bathroom. She decides to just toss it in the trash, she figures she deserves to fail if she is cheatingFortunaRivalNotebook

She decides to just toss it in the trash, she figures her rival deserves to fail if she is cheating.FortunaRivalNotebookOutcomeMoodlet

Then Forbes is also faced with a cheating dilemma…ForbesPotentialCheater

He chooses to confront the girl because his family doesn’t believe in cheating, they work hard for everything they have.


And to top off an already bad day, Fortuna has a really big test coming up.


Fortuna has just had it with all the extra studying and tutoring her old rival so she decides to just do a light activity for a minute…


Poor kids, they will be coming home embarrassed, sad and angry from such a horrible day.

Meanwhile, back at the house, today’s Royalty Report has arrived. The Prospero’s have earned §8361, their funds are now §119,295 simoleons!

11-19-15_5-18-50 PM

Since it is the parents day off, they continue working on their books.

Rosabelle decides to sell the items that Pawel harvested from the garden this morning. She sells 40 orchids for §620 and 18 blackberries for §3555 simoleons. Just then Pawel finishes a new bestseller! She is distracted by this and forgets to sell the dragonfruits that he also harvested.

11-19-15_5-59-40 PM

Pawel sends his bestseller to the publisher. He is very proud of his achievement, he only needs to write one more best seller to complete his aspiration.

11-19-15_6-01-28 PM

Pawel also noticed how valuable the blackberry seeds were and keep two to plant for future income.

11-19-15_6-03-47 PM

After planting he carefully watered them so they would grow healthy and strong.

11-19-15_6-04-48 PM

Rosabelle has also finished her book, unfortunately not a bestseller as she too needs 3, and sends it to the publisher.

It is now 3pm, the kids are home from their horrible school day. Everyone is in a bad mood.

11-19-15_6-17-35 PM

Fortuna is very dirty so she immediately takes a shower when she gets home.

11-19-15_6-18-47 PM

Forbes is sad and angry from the events at school. He tried to calm down in the mirror.

11-19-15_6-20-52 PM

After her shower, Fortuna was still embarrassed from school so she hides from everyone in her bed until she feels better.

11-19-15_6-18-23 PM

Forbes is still kinda upset so he keeps trying to calm down. He is really angry.

11-19-15_6-27-04 PM

Fortuna is feeling better so she decides to paint a small classic painting (§50) before everyone celebrates Moms birthday. Their funds are now §123,420 simoleons.

Fortuna finishes her painting and is able to sell it to a collector for §502 simoleons. Their funds are now §123,922 simoleons. 

Now everyone gathers in the dining room to celebrate Rosabelle’s adult birthday!

11-19-15_6-35-40 PM

Rosabelle blows out her birthday candles.

11-19-15_6-36-35 PM

Although they didn’t really go out the first time. Belle looks confused…

11-19-15_6-37-30 PM

She tries again…

11-19-15_6-38-14 PM

And it’s a success!

11-19-15_6-38-33 PM

Rosabelle is now an adult! She looks quite shocked!

11-19-15_6-39-02 PM

But after a moments reflection see she is still as beautiful as ever.

11-19-15_6-47-44 PM

After the celebration the kids go off to eat dinner in front of the tv. Bad parents, I know, but gotta raise that fun some how.

11-19-15_6-43-30 PM

Pawel gives Rosabelle a very special birthday present.

Rosabelle adds candles (§10) to the cake so it can be reused again. Their funds are now §123,912 simoleons.

11-19-15_6-50-54 PM

The parents join Fortuna for dinner. Forbes has gone to do his homework.

11-19-15_6-53-17 PM

Fortuna starts a new small classic painting (§50). Their funds are now §123,862 simoleons.

11-19-15_6-55-08 PM

Pawel helps Forbes with his homework after he is finished eating.

The family receives §160 from the recycling, their funds are now §124,022 simoleons.

11-19-15_7-01-29 PM

Fortuna finishes her painting and sells it for $545. Their funds are now §123,826 simoleons.

11-19-15_7-06-26 PM

Pawel decided to go on a night time collection run around the neighbor hood while Belle worked on her book.

11-19-15_7-13-42 PM

However he was not able to quite finish the runs because he was tired and had to pee badly.

When he got home he immediately used the bathroom and sold all the the collectibles and harvestables including the dragonfruits that Belle had forgotten to sell earlier.

Collection Value:

  • 80 dragonfruit §10,636
  • 1 Plathinium crystal §20
  • 1 Alcron metal §10
  • 1 Shinolite §75
  • 1 Treasure Map §80
  • 40 blackberries §440
  • 20 onions §60
  • 40 tulips §120
  • 30 cherries §90
  • 40 lemons §120
    • Total sold §1015, new funds §136,218
11-19-15_7-16-04 PM

As soon as Pawel is done he wearily goes to bed. Tomorrow is another big day for the Prospero Family!

Tomorrow Pawel has a very large announcement for the family. There are big changes coming in the future.

Check back soon for Week 7, Day 49 – The Announcement!

Starting Funds: §110,814 Ending Funds: §136,218

Rosabelle’s Skills Pawel’s Skills Fortuna’s Skills Forbes’ Skills
Charisma 3 Charisma 3 Charisma 1 Creativity 1
Comedy 2 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Mental 7
Cooking 6 Cooking 7 Cooking 2 Motor 1
Fishing 3 Fishing 2 Fitness 1 Social 4
Fitness 1 Gardening 6 Painting 5
Gardening 7 Guitar 2 Video Gaming 1
Gourmet Cooking 2 Handiness 6
Handiness 3 Logic 4
Logic 4 Mischief 3
Painting 2 Mixology 2 Childhood Only Traits
Photography 3 Painting 2 Creativity – Child Only 10
Video Gaming 3 Photography 2 Mental – Child Only 4
Writing 10 Video Gaming 2 Motor – Child Only 1
Writing 10 Social – Child Only 10

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