Week 7, Day 47 – Passion and Promotion

The Prospero’s life is coming along nicely, Pawel is now an adult and Rosabelle will join him soon. The kids are progressing well in school, now it is time for some work promotions. Fortuna is also trying to find a boyfriend!

Starting Funds: §95,996

Today Rosabelle, Pawel and Fortuna all receive the Marketable reward trait. This trait raises the value of all crafted items they sell in the future. This means that Rosabelle and Pawel’s books and Fortuna’s paintings will sell for more simoleons.

10-12-15_1-42-05 PM

Forbes is the first up today. “Look Ma, no hands!”

10-12-15_1-46-14 PM

Forbes grabs a yogurt because he is so hungry he can’t wait for Pawel to make scrambled eggs (§10) for breakfast. Their funds are now §95,986 simoleons.

10-12-15_1-49-05 PM

The girls join the boys after their morning showers while Pawel finishes up the eggs.

10-12-15_1-50-40 PM

Everyone enjoys breakfast together this morning, a rare occurance for this money driven family.

After breakfast the kids help with the dishes and head off the school. The family receives §120 from recycling, their funds are now §96,106 simoleons.

10-12-15_1-58-44 PM

Once the kids have left for school Rosabelle and Pawel tend the garden together. These dragon fruit plants generate a lot of money for the family so tending them is very important.

10-12-15_2-08-54 PM

Soon it is time for the parents to go to work. Hopefully today means a promotion for someone.

Today’s Royalty Report arrives, they earned §9,567 simoleons. Their funds are now §105,673 simoleons.

During the school day Fortuna receives her scores from the Success Determination Test.

Fortuna SDT Scores
She decides to re-take the test in hopes of a better score.

Fortuna SDT Scores Outcome

Ehh… not sure if that was a good thing or not. But at least she didn’t loose any performance. 

10-12-15_2-11-26 PM

At 3pm the kids arrive home from school. Fortuna is in a good mood, but Forbes is very tense from working hard.

10-12-15_2-15-41 PM

When they get home, Fortuna decides she is going to invite some guys over to hangout. She really wants a boyfriend! She invites Courtney Dang, Alexander Goth and Jaxson Marcus (who is her neighbor) over for the afternoon.

10-12-15_2-30-33 PM

Soon everyone has arrived and they choose to hang out in the garden to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Boys (from left to right) Courtney, Alexander and Jaxson.

10-12-15_2-22-11 PM

The parents arrive home from work. Pawel earned §1010 simoleons and Rosabelle was promoted to Bestselling Author!

With her promotion she earned §1010 in regular pay with a bonus of §2421 simoleons. She also received the Muse bookcase. Their funds are now §110,114 simoleons.

10-12-15_2-33-14 PM

Rosabelle is really tense from working so hard, even her promotion couldn’t calm her down so she tries to calm down in the mirror.

10-12-15_2-32-01 PM

Ahhh… Deep breaths… Rosabelle is starting to feel better.

10-12-15_2-36-48 PM

Meanwhile Fortuna is still hanging with her boy toys, although Alexander seems more interested in his muscles and sharing them on Simbook than Fortuna.

10-12-15_2-38-53 PM

Sensing Alexander’s disinterest in her, Fortuna asks Courtney to cloud gaze with her, hoping to boost their relationship. Alexander couldn’t care less, but Jaxson looks mildly annoyed.

10-12-15_2-42-47 PM

Meanwhile, Rosabelle makes fish tacos (§10) for dinner. Their funds are now §110,104 simoleons.

10-12-15_2-44-01 PM

Rosabelle has become a very talented cook and she shows off her new moves to Pawel.

Once Rosabelle is finished cooking dinner, the boys leave and everyone eats. After dinner everyone cleans up and they receive §160 from recycling. Their funds are now §110,264 simoleons.

10-12-15_3-01-06 PM

After dinner Pawel and Rosabelle work on their books for a while. Check out the new Muse bookcase Rosabelle received for her promotion.

10-12-15_2-49-49 PM

Forbes experiments on the science table to try to finish his childhood aspiration.

10-12-15_2-57-15 PM

And Fortuna paints a small classic painting (§50). When she is finished she is able to sell her painting for §600 simoleons! Their funds are now §110,814 simoleons.

It is now bedtime for everyone. Today was a good day for the Prospero Family. Rosabelle got promoted, Fortuna found possible love, Forbes has almost completed his childhood aspiration and Pawel is happy as the rock of this family.

Check back soon for Week 7, Day 48 – Rosabelle’s Birthday

Starting Funds: §95,996 Ending Funds: §110,814

Rosabelle’s Skills Pawel’s Skills Fortuna’s Skills Forbes’ Skills
Charisma 3 Charisma 3 Charisma 1 Creativity 1
Comedy 2 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Mental 7
Cooking 6 Cooking 7 Cooking 1 Motor 1
Fishing 3 Fishing 2 Fitness 1 Social 4
Fitness 1 Gardening 5 Painting 5
Gardening 7 Guitar 2 Video Gaming 1
Gourmet Cooking 2 Handiness 6
Handiness 3 Logic 4
Logic 4 Mischief 3
Painting 2 Mixology 2 Childhood Only Traits
Photography 3 Painting 2 Creativity – Child Only 10
Video Gaming 3 Photography 2 Mental – Child Only 4
Writing 10 Video Gaming 2 Motor – Child Only 1
Writing 10 Social – Child Only 10


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