Week 7, Day 46 – Pawel’s Birthday

Welcome Back to the Prospero Rosebud Legacy 

 Today is a very important day, it is Pawel’s Adult birthday! The family is planing a quiet at home celebration and are excited for the big day!

Starting Funds: §84,215

07-05-15_10-47 AM

Rosabelle and Pawel wake up together this morning and tend to the garden together.

07-05-15_10-57 AM

After the parents finish gardening, Rosabelle joins the kids in the kitchen to make a birthday cake (§15) for Pawel. Fortuna and Forbes are finishing up breakfast before school. Funds are now §84,200 simoleons.

07-05-15_10-58 AM

The downstairs toilet is broken so Pawel fixes it while Rosabelle cooks.

07-05-15_11-00 AM

After the cake is finished baking, Rosabelle adds birthday candles (§10) to it in preparation of tonight’s celebration. Funds are now §84,190 simoleons.

The kids help clean up the dishes from breakfast. They receive §120 simoleons for the recycling. Funds are now §84,310 simoleons.

07-05-15_11-06 AM-3

After breakfast Rosabelle and Pawel help the kids with their extra credit homework before school. Fortuna looks stressed, she would much rather be painting or doing something else creative.

07-05-15_11-08 AM-2

Once the kids have left for school Pawel and Rosabelle get to enjoy a quiet breakfast together. They are eating leftover fish tacos.

Today’s Royalty Report has arrived, they earned §9400, their funds are now §93,710 simoleons.

07-05-15_11-18 AM-2

Rosabelle and Pawel steal a private moment together before it’s time for work.

07-05-15_11-23 AM-2

The parents leave together to go to work.

While at work both Rosabelle and Pawel get the opportunity to have a co-author for their next book. They both choose to accept the help.


It is a good choice for Rosabelle


Pawel obviously doesn’t hire a good enough author to re-write it.


He feels very embarrassed after that fiasco.


The kids arrive home from school, they are both tense from working so hard in school today.

07-05-15_3-43 PM

They both really inherited Mom’s annoyed face!

07-05-15_3-46 PM

Fortuna and Forbes watch tv to relax while having an afternoon snack.

07-05-15_3-51 PM

Rosabelle and Pawel return home tense as well. They earned §2020 simoleons together. Their funds are now §95,810 simoleons.

Since everyone is tense and stressed out today from working hard both in school and at work, they decide that having a quite birthday celebration at home is what is called for.

10-12-15_12-58-48 PM

The family cheers as Pawel celebrates his adult birthday.

10-12-15_1-01-23 PM

They throw confetti as he blows out the candles on the cake Rosabelle made for him.

10-12-15_1-02-06 PM

Pawel is becoming an adult today!

10-12-15_1-02-28 PM

He does look rather distinguished here right after aging to an adult.

After the celebration the kids do their homework for school. Rosabelle cleans up, they receive §120 in recycling, and put candles (§10) back on the cake so it can be reused. Their funds are now §95,920 simoleons.

10-12-15_1-15-14 PM

Rosabelle helps Fortuna with her homework.

10-12-15_1-12-14 PM

Meanwhile Pawel helps Forbes with his homework.

10-12-15_1-22-33 PM

When the kids homework is done the parents work on their books in their office.

10-12-15_1-23-43 PM

Fortuna paints a small classic painting (§50). Their funds are now §95,870 simoleons.

10-12-15_1-24-25 PM

While Fortuna is painting Forbes is experimenting on the science table in order to finish his aspiration. He needs to discover and create an emotional potion.

Fortuna finishes her painting and sells it for §126, their funds are now §95,996 simoleons.

10-12-15_1-29-45 PM

Fortuna heads to bed after she sells her painting.

10-12-15_1-28-52 PM

Forbes also goes to bed because he is tired.

10-12-15_1-30-35 PM

Pawel finishes his book and sends it off to the publisher so it will start earning royalties tomorrow.

10-12-15_1-32-39 PM

Then the parents also go to bed for the night.

Check back soon for Week 7, Day 47 – Passion and Promotion

Starting Funds: §84,215 Ending Funds: §95,996

Rosabelle’s Skills Pawel’s Skills Fortuna’s Skills Forbes’ Skills
Charisma 3 Charisma 3 Charisma 1 Creativity 1
Comedy 2 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Mental 6
Cooking 6 Cooking 6 Cooking 1 Motor 1
Fishing 3 Fishing 2 Fitness 1 Social 4
Fitness 1 Gardening 5 Painting 5
Gardening 7 Guitar 2 Video Gaming 1
Gourmet Cooking 2 Handiness 6
Handiness 3 Logic 4
Logic 4 Mischief 3
Painting 2 Mixology 2 Childhood Only Traits
Photography 3 Painting 2 Creativity – Child Only 10
Video Gaming 3 Photography 2 Mental – Child Only 4
Writing 10 Video Gaming 2 Motor – Child Only 1
Writing 9 Social – Child Only 10




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