Hello World! I am BACK!

Hello All of my Wonderful Readers!

I am back from the dead, no actually just back from my crazy personal life. In my last post, Life…Uh…Finds…a…Way, I mentioned that my boyfriend and I were looking to buy a house. And we did! Also that meant that we had to move and that was very time consuming. And once we were in our new home we spent about 2 months painting and fixing it up. This is why I have not had time for my Sims or this blog. I literally have been to busy with real life!

Now I have more time to play and update the blog, I am excited for the return of the Prospero Family and I also have a few new builds I will be sharing with you soon. Thank you everyone for your continued support of this blog and your patience while I was gone!

11-17-15_11-55-05 AM.png

A little sneak peak at our new house with my Simself and my boyfriend.


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