Large Traditional Suburban Home Under $150,000

This is a very nice suburban home in a traditional style. The exterior features stone accents accents, harvestable flowers, a built in hot tub (pool) on the back porch and an outdoor entertainment area. The interior is very nicely decorated with several fireplaces and an open floor plan kitchen and living area. Downstairs there is a formal dining room, bar room and party room combination, a study, a game room and a full bathroom in addition to the living area. Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms to take care of all your sims needs. Two of the bedroom are connected with a Jack and Jill bathroom that shares sink space, which is perfect for children. The master bedroom is luxurious with a beautiful en-suit bathroom. There is also a small basement gym for the fitness conscious sims.

You can download this house from the Gallery HERE

or search my Origin ID: Love_Wasaabi

Front of the House

05-28-15_12-23 AM

Side of the House

05-28-15_12-24 AM

Back of the House

05-28-15_12-26 AM

Front Entry Way

05-28-15_12-29 AM

Living Room

05-28-15_12-28 AM


05-28-15_12-34 AM

Dining Room with bar and buffet table

05-28-15_12-37 AM

The Study

05-28-15_12-32 AM

Game Room

05-28-15_12-30 AM

Upstairs Master Bedroom

05-28-15_12-38 AM

Upstairs Master Bathroom

05-28-15_12-38 AM-2

Upstairs Girls Room

05-28-15_12-40 AM-2

Girls Bathroom

05-28-15_12-42 AM-2

Upstairs Boys Room

05-28-15_12-44 AM-2

Upstairs Guest Room – connected to boys room by Jack and Jill bathroom

05-28-15_12-43 AM05-28-15_12-44 AM

Jack and Jill Bathroom which connects the boys room and the guest room.

05-28-15_12-45 AM05-28-15_12-45 AM-2

Basement Gym

05-28-15_10-56 AM


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