Introducing a Rosebud Challenge Story

I have been trying to break out of my traditional play style as primarily a builder and therefore a cheater. In order to challenge myself to not immediately build my sims a giant house I have decided to attempt the Rosebud Challenge which was created by EuphorialQueen.

My chosen founder is a young woman from a poor family who is trying to find her way in the big, big world and attempt to gain a fortune for herself and future generations of her family.

Rosabelle Prospero

Rosabelle Prospero

Her first name comes from a variation of the word rosebud and her last name means wealthy in Italian. A very fitting name for this challenge participant!

05-11-15_1-45 PM-3

Her aspiration is Bestselling Author which gives her the muser trait. Her other traits are creative, perfectionist and bookworm.

05-11-15_1-57 PM

She moved into the Arid Ridge Lot in Oasis Springs which only contained the barest items, the mailbox and an outdoor trash can.

Check back soon to check on her first week’s progress!


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