Slainte Legacy Chapter 3 – A New House

Our Founders have just had their first children, triplets! And well probably their last too, since 3 kids are hard to manage.

For more background on the Slainte Family check out the introduction

Before having the triplets, Deaglan and Siobhan had been living in a very nice suburban home in the middle class neighborhood of Willow Creek called Pendula View. They were provided this house from the Family back in Ireland, Deaglan’s uncle owns it as an investment property. They loved the house because it was beautiful, well furnished and in a good neighborhood.

05-06-15_12-37 PM

Sadly with the birth of the triplets this beautiful house is now too small for their growing family, especially if they plan to have 26 generations living out of it in the future! So Deaglan makes an expensive long distance call to the Patriarch of the Slainte Family to discuss buying or building a new house for them and their new children.

Since the Family here in Willow Creek was gifted §150,000 simoleons when they moved here from Ireland they do have some money in reserve, but a good portion of it has already been spent on bills and household needs, so Deaglan will need to convince the Patriarch to send them more money for this project. Deaglan’s dream is to design a home from the ground (or basement) up and have it built for his new family, but that will require quite a bit of convincing…

 05-06-15_10-19 AM-2

“Hello, Patriarch?”


“This is Deaglan Slainte, in Willow Creek. I want to give you the great news!”

“What is that?”

“Siobhan had triplets!”

“Oh my! I didn’t realize the Slainte’s were so fertile! Congratulations”

“Well that’s a funny story… but I wont’t get into it. I want to discuss a business opportunity with you.”

“Yes? What do you propose?”

“Well since we just had triplets the house is getting a little tight…”

“Can’t they just sleep in the same room?”

“Well yes… but not for long since we have two boys and a girl and that will not work when they get older.”

“Get on with it boy”

“Ok… so what I am proposing is that the Family in Ireland will fund the construction of a new house for my family to live in.”

“Well… we did give you quite a large house a few months ago when you moved to Willow Creek. I’m not sure that funding this building project is in the Family’s best interest right now…”

“But, sir think of the prestige that this house could bring to our Family here. It will become known as the Slainte Family Mansion and we will be even more established in the neighborhood.”

“I do see your point,  a great house could establish you more in the community. However there will be some additional rules you will need to follow if the Family decides to fund this project”

“Ok that’s fine, what are they?”

“Well, to start you must personally contribute at least §100,000 of your simoleons to fund the building.”

“WHAT… thats almost all of our money, we have spent a bit since we have been living in Willow Creek!”

“I understand that seems like a lot of money but we will to fund the rest without limit if you do this, also it will make your lives much more meaningful if you have to work hard for your money.”

“Ok… I agree that I will contribute §100,000 to the building process.

“Great, now the other stipulation is that once the house is finished you must live there until both you and Siobhan die, the heir will inherit the house and live there after your deaths. Also the subsequent heirs will not be able to build a new house unless they can completely fund the project themselves without help from the Old Country. So you better make it big enough for everyone.”

“Well, that’s a bit strange but I don’t mind living in the house I am going to build until I die, and hopefully we will make back our fortune quickly for the future generations.”

“Oh, I forgot there is one more requirement for the Family to fund this. You or your wife must throw at least one party or gathering a month in order to further establish our Family name in the community and to show off this huge house we will be building.”

“That actually sounds like fun, I think Siobhan will be quite the party planner!”

“Great, so it’s settled you will build a new house for the Slainte’s in Willow Creek.”

“Thank you so much Patriach! I cannot wait to get started on building our new house!”

“Bye, Deaglan”

“Bye, Patriarch, I will talk to you later.” 

05-06-15_10-19 AM-3

Deaglan started planning right away and quickly had the blueprints ready for the contractors to start the actual building process. The Slainte’s also took this opportunity to move to the upper class neighborhood of Willow Creek called Sage Estates, they need lots of room to build Deaglan’s dream mansion for his family. Very soon the new house was almost finished, they had been living in their old home while this one was being built. 

While both he and Siobhan had really loved their old house in Pendula View, the lot was small compared to the vast estates back in Ireland and the school district left much to be desired. When looking for a new property there was much for them to take into consideration. Deaglan, always the businessman, was interested in the property value of their new home as well as making sure they would have a wonderful memorable home to raise many generations of families in. While Siobhan was very concerned with the quality of the school district for her new children and if the neighbors had any children for them to play with.

After much debate Deaglan and Siobhan were able to come to an agreement about the location of their new house. They chose the Oakenstead lot in the Sage Estates neighborhood of Willow Creek. Sage Estates is the most wealthy and exclusive of all the neighborhoods in the area and their new property is right off the water and has a beautiful view of the lighthouse and sailboats sailing by. There are also several fishing areas and collecting spots by the river that runs behind the house. However Siobhan will miss the fact that there was a small playground in their old neighborhood. She was never able to take her children there before they moved, but Deaglan has created this house with such care that none of the Family will want for anything, including a playground!

04-21-15_2-38 PM

View from the Front of the Property

04-23-15_8-34 AM

View from the Back of the Property

The new house is finally finished! Deaglan was able to decide on every option for this house, unlike their previous house which had already been built and furnished. He had originally planned to name the mansion after the Family but all the other houses in Willow Creek had creative names so he decided to call it Barondale as a reminder of the prestigious origins of the Slainte Family back in Ireland and (hopefully) a nod to the success of the future generations as well. The mansion cost §1,094,027 simoleons, Deaglan contributed §100,000 leaving the Family with a measly §34,957 left in their account. The Family back in Ireland contributed the majority to the construction costs at §994,027! That is some million simoleon mansion the Slainte Family built!

05-06-15_8-56 PM

The beautiful front entrance of Barondale mansion

05-06-15_8-57 PM

The back of the mansion with veggie garden to the right and the walkout basement behind the hedge.

05-06-15_9-14 PM-2

The walkout basement area, the basement is where all the Family’s bedrooms are.

05-06-15_8-58 PM

Deaglan dug a lovely fishing pond in the front yard which he stocked with the rarest fish he could find.

05-06-15_8-53 PM

And he didn’t forget to build a fun playground for the children to enjoy.

Deaglan and Siobhan designed and decorated the entire house specifically for their new family. Deaglan didn’t forget about himself and Siobhan’s comfort and taste either, he created a beautiful master suite with his and hers walk-in closets, a romantic fireplace and a spa like bathroom.

05-06-15_8-52 PM

The luxurious master retreat with a pool view!

04-24-15_10-29 AM

The master bath complete with jetted tub.

They spared no expense with their children’s rooms either, since that was the whole reason for moving and building a new house. They designed each of their children’s bedrooms specifically for their individual needs and traits.

05-06-15_8-33 PM

Their daughter’s room.

Their daughter's room.

Their daughter’s room.

Her walk-in closet

Her walk-in closet.

Her private bathroom.

Her private bathroom.

05-06-15_8-36 PM-3

05-06-15_8-36 PM-2 The two son’s bedrooms.

Each son gets their own bathroom, the are identical to avoid sibling rivalry.

Each son gets their own bathroom, they are identical to avoid sibling rivalry.

Deaglan even created a wonderful playroom for their children to learn and play in!

Deaglan even created a wonderful playroom for their children to learn and play in!

I’m not going to ruin the surprise of the rest of the house, I am sure you will get to see it during the rest of the legacy.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4 – Introducing the “A” Generation!


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