Slainte Legacy Chapter 2 – A Special Delivery

When we left our Founders last time, Siobhan is in labor and ready to pop and Deaglan is panicking about the upcoming birth!

For more background on the Slainte Family check out the introduction

05-03-15_9-14 PM

After Deaglan’s initial panic over Siobhan going into labor, they quickly rush to the hospital for the birth. Siobhan checks in at the receptionist’s desk and Deaglan is here, hiding behind Katrina Caliente in this pic.

05-03-15_9-16 PM-2

“Oooofff, Oooohhh, please get me in right away to see the doctor and get this baby delivered!”

They are quickly whisked off to the delivery room, Deaglan is still panicking because he is sure something will go wrong during the procedure.

05-03-15_9-18 PM-4

“Oh my Gosh! Did you just remove my wife’s heart instead of the baby?!”

However all goes well, despite the heart/baby mix up and Siobhan gives birth to a beautiful baby! Look at how proud the parents are and Deaglan seems to have calmed down at last.

05-03-15_9-21 PM

But wait was is this? Siobhan keeps pushing and gives birth to Triplets! How could this have happened?

“Deaglan, I have a confession to make. I was so worried about being able to conceive a child in order to continue the family name that I secretly got fertility treatments to make sure I would have a child for you.”

“Oh, Siobhan…. I too feared the same thing and also received secret fertility treatments! I’m surprised we didn’t run into each other at the clinic.”

“I guess triplets are the result of this, at least I wont have to worry about having more children, three is enough to manage. But in the future lets talk about these types of things instead of hiding it from each other.” 

“Baby I love you so much, and our beautiful new children, now what shall we name them?”

Authors Note: The second baby is in the pink bassinet and the third was actually spawned outside the hospital, I guess there wasn’t enough room for them all in there!

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 – A New House


2 thoughts on “Slainte Legacy Chapter 2 – A Special Delivery

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    I laughed out loud at the comment about “despite the heart/baby mix-up!” Those NPC doctors seem to be pretty poorly trained, in my experience! I wonder if you have a playable doctor who is in the upper levels, if they deliver your neighborhood babies and do a better job, or if you’re always just stuck with the NPC doctors.

    Congratulations on the triplets! Wow. I’ve seen other simmers comment on having triplets in the hospital, that one ended up on the street. Oops.


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