Slainte Legacy Chapter 1 – Big News

Deaglan and Siobhan have moved from their home country of Ireland to the town of Willow Creek in the USA! They have been directed by the Family to establish their name here in this new country, this can only be achieved by having 26 successful generations of children.

For more background on the Slainte Family check out the introduction

 Deaglan has now almost reached the top of his chosen career in the Business Investor branch and he knows that his job as founder is not only to produce an heir but also to increase the family wealth. He is now able to invest the Family’s money and hopefully get a positive return on his investments to add to the family fortune!

 Doesn’t Deaglan look smashing in his work suit?

Siobhan has been working on both her cooking skills and her garden so she can have the freshest ingredients to cook with. She knows that her job as the founder is to care for the Family and what better way than to feed them lots of delicious meals!

05-06-15_10-56 AM

Siobhan working in the kitchen, she has gotten really good at cooking!

Both Deaglan and Siobhan know that they are required to continue the Family name by having children and choosing an heir to carry on the legacy.

Soon Siobhan is pregnant and is very excited to share the big news with Deaglan!

04-30-15_4-56 PM-2

“Deaglan, I’m pregnant! This is what we have been wanting and waiting for!”

“But…But…can’t we just wait a little longer? I’m not sure I am ready to be a father!”

“Oh honey, it’s ok I know it’s overwhelming but I just know we will be great parents and make the Slainte Family proud!”

Unfortunately the pregnancy seems to be a little rough on Siobhan. She is feeling nauseous and sore.

04-30-15_4-58 PM

Luckily Deaglan quickly warmed up to the idea of a baby in the house and has been a loving a supportive husband to Siobhan during the pregnancy.

05-03-15_8-57 PM

Siobhan’s back is hurting and Deaglan knows just how to make her feel better.

05-03-15_8-53 PM

“Sweetie, you look so uncomfortable, come sit on the couch and I will relieve your pain.”

05-03-15_8-50 PM-2

“Ahhhh, that feels so good! My back is feeling so much better!”

After enduring what seemed like forever for Siobhan, she is finally in labor! She hopes that her first birth is easy and successful given how uncomfortable she was during the pregnancy. Siobhan seems fairly calm considering it is her that is actually going to give birth but Deaglan is FREAKING OUT! He is sure that something will go wrong and they will loose their first potential heir before they are even born.

05-03-15_9-14 PM

Check back soon for Chapter 2 – A Special Delivery!


5 thoughts on “Slainte Legacy Chapter 1 – Big News

  1. carovnamaruska says:

    Considering they are the founders, they are living in a very fine house. My founder was basically homeless two weeks 😀 But that’s okay, rules are there to be adjusted to our individual styles, right? 🙂 Have you decided to skip other legacy rules as well?


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